FAQ: How Blue Can You Get Blues Brothers?

How Blue Can You Get original?

” How Blue Can You Get ” (alternatively “Downhearted”) is a blues song first recorded by Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers in 1949. The song has been recorded by several blues and other artists. In 1964, it was a hit for B.B. King and became a staple of his live shows.

How Blue Can You Get Key?

How Blue Can You Get is written in the key of G.

How Blue Can You Get Gary Moore review?

Perhaps the most transcendent track on the album is Moore’s sprawling, seven-minute cover of B.B. King’s famous 1964 hit “How Blue Can You Get.” Moore shows off his vocal skills as well as his guitar licks on this titular cut in a way that lets us know that he could dial back the rock and put down real blues with the

How Blue Can You Get CD?

Provogue will be releasing a new album, featuring previously unreleased material, from the iconic blues-rock master Gary Moore. How Blue Can You Get will be released on 30 April.

Why did Gary Moore sell Greeny?

“He said it wasn’t the money he was interested in, he just wanted it to have a good home,” says Gary. “So he told me to take my main guitar and sell it and whatever I got for it I could give to him, so it would be like swapping guitars.

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