FAQ: How Does Pass The Line Work At House Of Blues Cleveland?

What is pass the line at House of Blues?

Get priority access in the Music Hall with our Pass The Line dining program. Includes a $20 dining or retail credit to enjoy the House of Blues restaurant prior to this show only.

Is the House of Blues in Cleveland Open?

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, and to protect the health and safety of our guests and venue staff members, the box office at House of Blues Cleveland will be open on-day-of-show only. We look forward to seeing you at our next show at House of Blues Cleveland.

When did House of Blues Cleveland Open?

of Blues Cleveland opened to the public in November 2004, a few members of the construction and design crews were walking through the new, 47,000-square-foot live music and dining complex, checking the status of remaining work.

What happened to House of Blues?

The program ended in July, 2017. On July 5, 2006, Live Nation acquired House of Blues Entertainment and created the Live Nation Club and Theater Division.

Who started the House of Blues?

Dan Aykroyd Isaac Tigrett House of Blues / Founded by Dan Aykroyd and Isaac Tigrett, the first House of Blues location opened in Cambridge’s historic Harvard Square in 1992 and has since expanded into 12 venues across the United States.

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Which House of Blues did Tupac perform?

Tupac: Live at the House of Blues was 2Pac ‘s last recorded performance which took place in West Hollywood, California. The album was recorded on July 4, 1996 and then released in 2005, 9 years after his death. Live at the House of Blues ( Tupac Shakur album)

Tupac: Live at the House of Blues
Length 1:58:00
Label Death Row, Koch
2Pac chronology

Who owned the Agora?

Agora Theatre and Ballroom

Location United States
Coordinates 41°30′14″N 81°39′13″W
Owner MidTown Cleveland Inc.
Type Concert hall


When did the Cleveland Agora burn down?

The Agora closed its doors after a small fire in Oct. 1984. Three years later, the Agora reopened at the WHK Auditorium and METROPOLITAN THEATER, located at 5000 Euclid Ave.

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