FAQ: How Steely Dan Created ‘deacon Blues’?

What does Deacon Blue refer to?

On the origin of the song’s name, Fagen says, it was inspired by football player Deacon Jones, as they like the sound of his name: “It also had two syllables, which was convenient, like ‘Crimson. ‘” The song, however, is really about “the ultimate outsider, the flip side of the dream, boy-o… call me Deacon Blues.”

Who played the sax solo on Deacon Blues?

Christlieb played the sax solos on Steely Dan’s hit song ” Deacon Blues ” from the album Aja; Natalie Cole’s Grammy award-winning album Unforgettable; and the extended tenor sax solo on the song “FM (No Static at All)” from the movie of the same name.

Why do they call Alabama the Crimson Tide?

Hugh Roberts, former sports editor of the Birmingham Age-Herald, is credited with coining the phrase ” Crimson Tide ” in an article describing the 1907 Iron Bowl played in Birmingham with Auburn a heavy favorite to win. The game was played in a sea of red mud which stained the Alabama white jerseys crimson.

Why do Steely Dan albums sound so good?

It’s a British release, and it gives good detail about how each album was recorded. Basically, each subsequent album they made took longer, was set to higher, more exacting standards, and more difficult arranging, which ballooned expenses and time.

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Why did Deacon Blue split up?

With Vipond’s decision to quit the group in favour of a career in television, Deacon Blue split up in 1994.

What are Deacon Blue doing now?

Since Deacon Blue’s split, he has busied himself with writing theme tunes to such daytime television shows as Grow For It; an experience which he describes as “great fun”. “We had eight years and in that time we had several number one albums, we had 14 top-40 hit singles and we travelled all over the world.

What means Deacon?

: a subordinate officer in a Christian church: such as. a: a Roman Catholic, Anglican, or Eastern Orthodox cleric ranking next below a priest. b: one of the laymen elected by a church with congregational polity to serve in worship, in pastoral care, and on administrative committees.

What is the meaning of Crimson Tide?

But, evidently, the “Thin Red Line” played a great game in the red mud and held Auburn to a 6-6 tie, thus gaining the name ” Crimson Tide.” Zipp Newman, former sports editor of the Birmingham News, probably popularized the name more than any other writer.

Who played drums on Aja?

Steve Gadd – drums. Victor Feldman – percussion, vibraphone.

What year did Deacon Blues come out?

Written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in 1976, “Deacon Blues” was released in 1977 on Steely Dan’s album “Aja,” which in the fall reached No.

Who plays saxophone on FM?

This leads into a resumption of the verse groove for four bars, then a descending line brings the song to Pete Christlieb’s tenor sax solo.

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