FAQ: How To Get Over Holiday Blues?

What is post-holiday syndrome?

Also known as post – vacation syndrome, stress, or depression, this slump can hit hard after a period of intense emotion and stress. Post – holiday blues share many of the same characteristic symptoms of an anxiety or mood disorder: insomnia, low-energy, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and anxiousness.

How do you feel better after a holiday?

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  4. Look after yourself Get enough sleep, eat well and drink in moderation.
  5. Book another holiday ”Even thinking about and planning things can give as much pleasure as doing them,” beyondblue adviser Michael Baigent says.

How do you beat the Christmas blues?

Four simple steps to beating the holiday blues

  1. Why it’s easy to hate the holidays. The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year, yet for many, they trigger deep feelings of sadness and anxiety.
  2. Seek social support.
  3. Get to the gym.
  4. Don’t look at Facebook.
  5. Reframe your thinking.
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How do you beat Post-Vacation Blues?

Key takeaways. It’s completely normal to feel a sense of letdown after a vacation, no matter how long or how pleasant the vacation was. To avoid post – vacation blues, try making rest a priority, and give yourself time to readjust after you get home.

Why am I so tired after the holidays?

Some researchers believe the main contributors to post- holiday fatigue can be summed up as the “Five F’s” — finances, family, festivities, fatigue and food.

What is the meaning of holiday blues?

The holiday blues are temporary feelings of anxiety or depression during the holiday season. There’s shopping, social events and expectations of a good holiday, and these pressures can be stressful. You may also missing loved ones or have negative feelings come back from past memories of the holidays.

How do you detox after holidays?

7 Simple Steps for a Post – Holiday Health Detox

  1. Minesweep for calorie bombs. Banish any “risky,” fattening or unhealthy foods from the house.
  2. Control your environment.
  3. Hit the ground running.
  4. Eat breakfast every morning.
  5. Eat light at night.
  6. Sleep at least seven to eight hours, nightly.
  7. It takes a village.

How do you overcome the blues?

Six Strategies for Coping with the Blues

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. Don’t try to force yourself out of the blues.
  3. Try Weather Practice.
  4. If you can, go outdoors.
  5. Reach out to another person.
  6. Treat those blues to a fun time.

How do you get back to normal life after traveling?

Here are nine tips that might just help you to banish the post- travelling blues:

  1. See the positives in being back.
  2. Seek a new challenge.
  3. Avoid being a travel bore.
  4. Keep your up-for-it attitude alive.
  5. Take time out.
  6. Keep in touch with travel buddies.
  7. Make the most of the ways you’ve changed.
  8. Realise how lucky you are.
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How do you stay positive after Christmas?

Here are 10 tips for beating the post – Christmas blues.

  1. Make a plan. After the excitement of Christmas, going back to a regular, mundane routine is enough to lower anybody’s spirits.
  2. Exercise your funny bone.
  3. Brave your fears.
  4. Get active.
  5. Watch what you eat.
  6. Don’t be SAD.
  7. Be selfless.
  8. Perk up your social life.

How do you beat the New Year blues?

Here are six tricks I’ve found to help me make it through each year.

  1. Plan a Trip. My favorite way to beat the blues is to get out of town.
  2. Have Resolution-Friendly Fun.
  3. Get a Hobby.
  4. Do Winter Activities.
  5. Make an Album.
  6. Make Sure You’re Not SAD.

Why is January a sad month?

Why is January the most depressing month of the year? Experts say it’s because of personal finances and the weather. While December is when people are in a joyful and giving spirit because of the holidays, January is reportedly the time they have to pay for it.

How do you get over a vacation leave?

6 Ways To Avoid The Post Vacation Blues

  1. Minimize work and household chores. Don’t dread coming home to chores—do them before you leave.
  2. Look forward to good things back home.
  3. Arrange an exciting adventure close to home.
  4. Take an extra day off.
  5. Plan more trips.
  6. Take control of your life.

How can I stop being sad on last day of vacation?

Things that can make your last day of vacation feel like 3 bonus days

  1. Do what the locals do.
  2. Don’t over-schedule.
  3. Try something brand-new.
  4. Get an in-room massage.
  5. Catch the final sunset.
  6. Take the day off after your trip.
  7. Start packing before your trip is over.
  8. Book (and confirm) your travel to the airport.
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How do you deal with post Christmas blues?

15 Tips for Beating the Post – Christmas Blues

  1. Make Plans.
  2. Exercise Your Laughter Muscles.
  3. Don’t Put It Off.
  4. Get Active.
  5. The Two Ms.
  6. Mood Boosting Foods.
  7. Light Up Your Life.
  8. Be Selfless.

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