FAQ: How To Put Dress Blues Belt Together?

Which way does the dress blue belt go?

3002. Belts for all uniforms will be worn at the natural waistline with the right edge of the buckle (wearer’s right) on line with the edge of the fly or coat front. 2. Belts for all men’s service coats and male officers’ blue coats must match the color and material of the uniform with which they are worn.

How do I set up my Marine Corps dress blues?

Put on your black shoes, white gloves and white barracks hat. Put on the midnight-blue coat (with red trim if you are a currently enlisted Marine Corps officer) and a white belt or suspenders. Make sure your coat is form fitting, completely buttoned up and that the collar stands straight up.

Why can Marines put their hands in their pockets?

The thought process being that Marines must always present themselves as professionals, and having your hands in your pockets somehow detracts from professionalism. So the Marine Corps made it a rule, and that rule is enforced at Marine Corps bases from Okinawa, Japan, to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

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Can a marine wear his uniform after discharge?

Former Marines who are discharged honorably or under honorable conditions from the Marine Corps (even if it’s not during wartime service) may wear their uniform while going from the place of discharge to their home of record, within three months after discharge.

Which way does a woman wear a belt?

Clockwise. Traditionally women wear their belts the opposite direction that men do. Men wear belts counter-clockwise, and women wear it clockwise, if you’re looking down at the belt.

Which way does the belt go on female ASU?

buckle to the wearer’s left for males, and the wearer’s right for females. The tipped end will extend beyond the end of the buckle so that only the brass tip is visible, and no fabric portion of the belt can be seen beyond the buckle.

What is the length of the USMC Web belt?

Marine Corps Issue Khaki Web belt. Length: 54″ (can be cut to exact size preferred) Width: 1.5″ Inches. Removable Metal Buckle.

How do you wear dress blue Bravos?

The medals on the Dress Blue A uniform go over the left breast, the ribbons which have no associated medals, such as the CAR and unit awards, go on the right side. On the Dress Blue B, all the ribbons go on the left side, with shooting badges underneath.

Can Marines wear dress blues in public?

Except when authorized, Marines and Sailors cannot wear their uniform when participating in public speeches, demonstrations, assemblies, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies, or any public demonstration which may imply service sanction for a cause that furthers personal or partisan views on political, social,

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Can Marines wear cammies in public?

Because unlike the other branches of service, the Marines actually take pride in their appearance. Cammies are for work, not for walking around in public.

Can Marines wear dress blues to a funeral?

Originally Answered: Do retired marines wear ribbons or medals on dress blue uniforms at funerals? Yes, wear all authorized, it’s part of your uniform. We can wear our uniform on many occasions after retirement and the funeral of deceased service person would be an appropriate occasion.

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