FAQ: What Tv Show Was There In The 70s That Had The Name Blues In It And It Was A Police Movie?

What year did the TV show Hill Street Blues come out?

Hill Street Blues, American television law enforcement drama that aired on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) network for seven seasons (1981–87).

How many series of Hill Street Blues are there?

NBC’s “Hill Street Blues,” television’s most honored dramatic series, will leave the air for good after seven seasons, it was announced Monday.

What year was NYPD Blue on TV?

The series was originally broadcast on the ABC network, debuted on September 21, 1993‚ and aired its final episode on March 1, 2005.

How did Hill Street Blues end?

Somehow, fans of ” Hill Street Blues ” knew that Grace (played by Barbara Babcock) would be the death of him, and, sure enough, after the sad demise of actor Michael Conrad in the middle of the `83-`84 season, the scriptwriters determined that Esterhaus had succumbed to a heart attack while making love to her.

Why did Ed Marinaro leave Hill Street Blues?

Marinaro, for example, left the series after the penultimate season because he wanted more professional freedom and greater acting challenges.

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What came after Hill Street Blues?

Hill Street Blues is an American serial police procedural television series that aired on NBC in prime-time from January 15, 1981, to May 12, 1987, for 146 episodes.

Hill Street Blues
Original release January 15, 1981 – May 12, 1987
Followed by Beverly Hills Buntz


Is Hill Street Blues on all 4?

Hill Street Blues – All 4.

What city is Hill Street Blues?

It most likely takes place in Chicago. Creator Steven Bochco intended the fictional city to resemble Chicago, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. Also, the Maxwell Street police station in Chicago was used for the exterior shots of the Hill Street precinct building.

What happened to Andy Sipowicz wife?

The character has a dramatic exit from the show. The character returns to her job after time off to raise her on-screen son, but she is killed by James Mayo in a courthouse shooting incident. Her final words to her on-screen husband Andy are “Take care of the baby.”

What happened to Jill on NYPD Blue?

So after the seventh season of ” Blue,” she quit the business to pursue her dream of becoming a TV newswoman. After a one-year stint as a reporter for a local station in New Mexico, she had a controversial, widely-panned stint as an anchorwoman for CNN’s Headline News, which she left after seven months.

Is Sipowicz still alive?

Dennis Franz Schlachta (/frɑːnz/; born October 28, 1944), known professionally as Dennis Franz, is a retired American actor best known for his role as NYPD Detective Andy Sipowicz in the ABC television series NYPD Blue (1993–2005), a role that earned him a Golden Globe Award, three Screen Actors Guild Awards and four

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