FAQ: Which Of The Following Is A Characteristic Of Early Blues?

What are 3 characteristics of the blues?

Harmony and tonality

  • the harmony is predominately related to the tonic, subdominant and dominant.
  • minor 7th chords and other chord extensions are heard.
  • dissonant harmonies are a common feature.

Which of the following is characteristic of punk rock?

Rooted in 1960s garage rock, punk bands rejected the perceived excesses of mainstream 1970s rock. They typically produced short, fast-paced songs with hard-edged melodies and singing styles, stripped-down instrumentation, and often shouted political, anti-establishment lyrics.

What is the best description of classic blues?

Blues were not always sad, they encompassed all emotions, and their characteristic sound and form fused into the classic Blues. A musical genres distinguished as a matter of 12 bars and 3 stanza structure, tonality around the tonic, dominant & sub dominant and a pentatonic scale with added flattened ‘blue’ notes.

Which of the following musical characteristics are the building blocks of punk music?

Power chords are the musical building blocks of punk rock much in the way riffs were the musical building blocks of heavy metal and hard rock.

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How do you describe blues?

Blues songs are lyrical rather than narrative; blues singers are expressing feelings rather than telling stories. The emotion expressed is generally one of sadness or melancholy, often due to problems in love.

What are the two categories of Blues?

Modern studies of the blues identify a range of different styles of blues: delta blues, country blues, down-home blues, urban blues, harmonica blues and so on.

What defines a punk?

1: a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian. 2a: punk rock. b: a punk rock musician. c: one who affects punk styles.

What classifies punk rock?

Punk rock (or ” punk “) is a music genre and kind of rock music. It is often described as harder, louder, and cruder than other rock music. Many punk rock songs have lyrics (words) which tell angry stories or which use rude words.

How do punks act?

Punk political ideologies are mostly concerned with individual freedom and anti-establishment views. Common punk viewpoints include individual liberty, anti-authoritarianism, a DIY ethic, non-conformity, anti-collectivism, anti-corporatism, anti-government, direct action and not “selling out”.

How does blues make you feel?

“The blues style represents… a saying of things that are very painful, deep and poignant, with a feeling of ease. In the very best blues the pain changes, because of the music, into something light.” At its best, the blues is a oneness of pain and pleasure, defeat and exaltation, sadness and joy.

Why is it called blues music?

The name of this great American music probably originated with the 17th-century English expression “the blue devils,” for the intense visual hallucinations that can accompany severe alcohol withdrawal. Shortened over time to “the blues,” it came to mean a state of agitation or depression.

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Who are the famous blues musicians?

  • BIG BILL BROONZY (Lee Conley Bradley; 1903 – 1958)
  • SON HOUSE (Eddie James “Son” House, Jr.; 1902 –1988)
  • BLIND WILLIE McTELL (William Samuel McTier; 1898 –1959)
  • MAMIE SMITH (née Robinson; 1891 – 1946)
  • ARTHUR “BIG BOY” CRUDUP (Arthur William Crudup; 1905 –1974)
  • SKIP JAMES (Nehemiah Curtis “Skip” James; 1902 –1969)

Which of the following is a musical characteristic of boogie woogie?

The boogie was originally played on the piano in boogie – woogie music and adapted to guitar. Boogie – woogie is a style of blues piano playing characterized by an up-tempo rhythm, a repeated melodic pattern in the bass, and a series of improvised variations in the treble.

What key is grunge played in?

Musical analysis of songs

Grunge Music of the Late 1980’s – Mid 1990’s
Musical Elements Heart Shaped Box
Artist Nirvana
Rhythm Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: Moderately (108 – 120 bpm)
Harmony Key: A minor Major Chords: A5, F5, D5/ A, F5, D7 Chord Progressions: A5, F5, D5, A, D7

Is Grunge a rock?

Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is an alternative rock genre and subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s in the American Pacific Northwest state of Washington, particularly in Seattle and nearby towns. Grunge fuses elements of punk rock and heavy metal, but without punk’s structure and speed.

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