FAQ: Who Recorded The First Commercially Successful Example Of The Urban Blues?

Who recorded the first commercially successful urban blues?

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Guitar players would create blue notes on their instrument by using a bottleneck. True
Who recorded the first commercially successful example of the urban blues? Mamie Smith
Leadbelly’s music was recorded by? Folklorists
Most arranged blues songs were in the form of the 12-bar blues. False


Which record label is best known for urban blues?

Bluebird. Bluebird Records is a record label best known for its low-cost releases, primarily of blues and jazz in the 1930s and 1940s.

Why is blues the devil’s music?

The origins of the blues are closely related to the religious music of Afro-American community, the spirituals. It was the low-down music played by rural blacks. Depending on the religious community a musician belonged to, it was more or less considered a sin to play this low-down music: blues was the devil’s music.

Who is the most influential guitarist from the urban blues style?

B.B. King. B.B. King – (1925-2015) Was one of the best known blues musicians, and one of the most influential as well, with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and many others citing him as a key influence. Many rock guitarists of the 1960s and beyond have emulated the sophisticated melodic work of King.

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What makes Chicago blues unique?

Chicago blues is based on the sound of the electric guitar and the harmonica, with the harmonica played through a PA system or guitar amplifier, both heavily amplified and often to the point of distortion, and a rhythm section of drums and bass (double bass at first, and later electric bass guitar) with piano depending

What is the most common form of the blues?

The most common musical form of blues is the 12-bar blues. The term “12-bar” refers to the number of measures, or musical bars, used to express the theme of a typical blues song.

What city did black pop come from?

Black (singer)

Origin Liverpool, England
Died 26 January 2016 (aged 53) Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork, Ireland
Genres Pop, new wave
Years active 1981–2016

What is devil’s music?

The Unsettling Sound Of Tritones, The Devil’s Interval In music theory, the tritone is an interval of three whole steps that can sound unresolved and creepy. Over time, the sound has wound up in jazz, rock and even Broadway musicals.

What is another name for the devil’s music?

since the long times, notes like the augmented fifth’s has been known as the devil’s interval and it’s usage in church. the augmented fifth interval is known the ” el diablo” in music.

Why is jazz immoral?

Jazz also had African American roots, leading some to believe that racial tension was a reason for the negative energy around the music. It was mostly criticized by older, more conservative people, who believed that jazz was another cause for the increasing immorality and promiscuity of youth.

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Who is the best blues guitarist ever?

The Best Blues Guitarists of All Time

  • Lightnin’ Hopkins.
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
  • T-Bone Walker.
  • Muddy Waters.
  • Albert King.
  • B.B King. Recommended B.B. King listening: Singin’ the blues.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan. Recommended Stevie Ray Vaughan listening: Texas Flood.
  • Derek Trucks. Recommended Derek Trucks listening: Revelator.

Who is the most influential blues artist?

The main source being The All Music Guide To The Blues (Miller Freeman Books).

  • The Top Ten.
  • Charley Patton (1887 – 1934)
  • Blind Blake (early 1890s – 1933)
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson (1897 – 1929)
  • Lonnie Johnson (1899 – 1970)
  • Louis Jordan (1908 -1975)
  • T-Bone Walker (1910 – 1975)
  • John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson (1914 -1948)

Who is the greatest blues singer of all time?

Whether you like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, or that bluesy broad Etta James, there’s now denying they’re all some of the most famous blues musicians of all time. This list of blues singers, ranks the best blues music artists, singers, and musicians, and has been voted on and ranked by blues fans worldwide.

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