From Whose Point Of View Is Sonny’s Blues Told?

Why is the story told from the viewpoint of Sonny’s brother?

” Sonny’s Blues,” is told from Sonny’s brother’s point of view. Sonny’s brother does not fully understand why Sonny became a heroin addict and why Sonny chooses the things he does. This affects the story, because Sonny’s brother finally understands Sonny and his life and what he has been through.

Who is the audience in Sonny’s Blues?

In “ Sonny’s Blues ” the intended audience was for African Americans, the people of Harlem, and white people in America. Really it was for anybody that is trying to join or start a civil movement about the injustices that African Americans faced at the time.

Why does the narrator go unnamed in Sonny’s Blues?

The unnamed narrator is important to the story not just because it’s through his perspective that we get the narrative, but also because he provides us with an alternative view of Sonny’s life. It’s almost necessary that we hear the story from the narrator, since Sonny would have been an unreliable narrator himself.

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What does Sonny teach the narrator?

He learns that Sonny is addicted to heroin and that he will be sent to a treatment facility to be “cured.” Unable to believe that his gentle and quiet brother could have so abused himself, the narrator cannot reopen communication with Sonny until a second crisis occurs, the death of his daughter from polio.

How is Sonny’s Blues narrator?

The narrator ( Sonny’s brother) is the main character; his name is never mentioned in the story. He is a high school algebra teacher and family man. Unlike Sonny who is constantly struggling with his feelings, he chooses to ignore his own pain. Sonny is the narrator’s brother.

Does Sonny die in Sonny’s Blues?

The narrator didn’t know whether Sonny was dead or alive until he received a postcard from Greece. After the war, the two brothers returned to New York, but they didn’t see each other for quite some time. When they eventually met, they fought about Sonny’s decisions in life.

Who is the antagonist in Sonny’s Blues?

Harlem sort of looms as a villainous presence throughout the story, and we think that’s what makes the neighborhood the story’s antagonist.

What is the argument in Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny and the narrator argue in the apartment. This is where it all comes out: the narrator’s anger at Sonny’s drug use, Sonny’s anger at feeling abandoned, the narrator’s inability to understand Sonny as a musician, and Sonny’s frustration at all this. This is their big, loud, brutally honest argument.

What is the main conflict in Sonny’s Blues?

There are a lot of conflicts at work in ” Sonny’s Blues.” The overarching conflict in the story is that between black existence and white society, and this has strongly influenced how the narrator views the world. He describes the struggle of growing up in Harlem, where many succumb to drug use, and many never escape.

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Who is the main character of Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny. The protagonist is the central character of the story, and although we hear the most from the narrator, Sonny is really at the heart of this narrative.

What are the different settings of Sonny’s Blues?

Harlem, New York in the 1950s ” Sonny’s Blues ” takes place in Harlem during the early 1950s. Far from being mere background, Harlem is as much a character in this story as any of the actual people. But ” Sonny’s Blues ” is also set in a smaller world within Harlem: the nightclub where Sonny plays at the end of the story.

What is the cup of trembling in Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny’s drinking from the cup of trembling serves as a reminder of all the suffering he has endured, while also offering the chance for redemption and peace. As a musician, Sonny takes all his suffering and that of those around him and transforms it into something beautiful.

What is the narrator’s problem with Sonny in Sonny’s Blues?

As the story begins, he has to decide how to handle his brother Sonny ‘s trouble with addiction. The narrator is acutely aware of the drugs, violence, and lack of opportunity that pervade his neighborhood, and he has spent his whole life fighting to avoid meeting the fate of those around him.

What is the relationship between the narrator and Sonny in Sonny’s Blues?

In his blues he wraps the story of his culture, a point of unity for his listeners. Sonny’s music touches his brother, the narrator, especially. Their relationship is reborn, just like Sonny is redeemed. With his blues, he saves himself, his relationship to his brother, and those who truly listen.

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