How Loud Are Cherry Mx Blues?

Is Cherry MX Blue really loud?

MX blue and green are noticeably louder than any other MX switches. However, they’re not as loud as buckling springs, clicky Alps, amber/cyan omrons, or in general most other clicky switches.

Are Cherry MX Blues louder than Browns?

All mechanical switches make noise, browns tend to be a deeper click when bottoming out, blues tend to be a higher pitch, and click when you touch type while browns don’t. The backplate of the keyboard actually makes the sounds of the switches differ also believe it or not. B)

Do Cherry MX Blues get annoying?

As a long-time Blue user: Yes. Not only does the clicking sound get annoying, so does the bump. See, it’s not just a brown switch with a noise; it has a small mini-bump before the tactile bump, and this is annoying as hell when gaming.

Why are Cherry MX Blues bad?

There are two truths to the Cherry MX Blues: they are way more tactile than the Cherry MX Browns (which are actually marketed as tactile but somehow feel just like scratchy linears, which is the reason for a lot of hate they are getting) the “click” is a bit “rattling” and not as crisp as other clicky switches.

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What is the loudest Cherry MX Switch?

The Cherry MX Blue has a distinct “click” sound when depressed beyond the tactile point, making it the loudest switch in the Cherry MX family.

Why are my Cherry MX Browns so loud?

Cherry MX Brown With a tactile actuation, they are slightly louder than a linear due to the extra friction at the tactile bump. Cherry MX Browns have a total travel distance of 4mm along with a 2mm actuation distance.

Do Cherry MX Blues and Browns feel the same?

They will have the SAME feeling since they are the SAME switch, only with an AUDIBLE difference. edit: Correction: the blues require 5 cN actuation force more than the browns, which with the audible click are the two only differences.

Are MX Browns loud?

MX Browns are probably the second quietest tactile switches you can get, that being said they are louder than a regular rubber dome, but nothing offensive. If you’d like something ala MX Browns but even quieter check out Matias Quiet Clicks which are barely louder than a rubber dome.

What is the quietest keyboard switch?

Cherry MX Brown switches are known to be the quietest among the mechanical keyboard switches. The tactile switch lets you feel the actuation point of the keypress. However, they may not be clicky.

How loud are mechanical keyboards?

So, Are mechanical keyboards loud? Mechanical Keyboards with Clicky switches are loud and noisy. However, mechanical keyboards with tactile switches sound moderate, and those with linear switches are comparatively smooth and silent.

Should I Lube Cherry Blues?

Overall, do the best you can on removing what’s visible inside the switch housing. You don’t need to worry about getting it 100% clean, a little lube is fine.

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Do people like Cherry MX Blues?

They are so crisp compared to the quiet tactile switches. MX Blues aren’t personally my favourite, they were on my first mechanical and I used them for 3+ years. The clicking sound became very annoying after a while, and for gaming they felt slow for me. I much prefer reds.

Is Cherry MX Blue clicky?

Clicky switches add a deliberately louder ‘click’ sound to the existing tactile bump, allowing for greater typing feedback. The Cherry MX Blue is the most common clicky switch, and was first made available in Filco keyboards in 2007.

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