How To Play Blues On Alto Sax?

What saxophone is used in blues?

The saxophone (especially the tenor sax ) is a superb blues instrument as you can actually sing with the sax and the dulcet tones of the tenor sax fits the Blues perfectly.

What is the hardest song to play on saxophone?

At a head-spinning pitch of 286 beats every minute, backed by a chord progression that demands the utmost level of preparation and performance, the Giant’s steps by John Coltrane, recorded in 1959, is touted as the ultimate challenge in the history of jazz.

Is Blues Scale major or minor?

The heptatonic, or seven-note, conception of the blues scale is as a diatonic scale (a major scale ) with lowered third, fifth, and seventh degrees, which is equivalent to the dorian ♭5 scale, the second mode of the harmonic major scale.

What notes are in the E blues scale?

1. E blues scale

Note no. Note name
1 The 1st note of the E blues scale is E
2 The 2nd note of the E blues scale is G
3 The 3rd note of the E blues scale is A
4 The 4th note of the E blues scale is Bb


Who is a famous alto saxophone player?

Jackie McClean. Jackie McClean is one of the most important alto saxophone players in the history of jazz. His career spanned 5 decades of prolific recording and performing as not only a leader, but also as a sideman on some of the most iconic jazz records with many of the giants of the art form.

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Is saxophone used in blues music?

The sound of the sax is likely the first thing that grabs our attention. Any blues style player will have a distinct sound which usually differs from other players in other gentes of music. The classic blues saxophone tone is more edgy, dirtier, and often with some elements of effects like growing and flutter tonguing.

What is the easiest saxophone to play?

So, which saxophone is the easiest to play? The alto saxophone and tenor saxophone are the easiest to learn. These instruments are easier compared to the soprano and baritone saxophones because they allow for easier control of tone and intonation, requiring less expertise to make them sound good.

What is AC melody saxophone?

The C melody saxophone is a saxophone pitched in the key of C, one whole tone above the B-flat tenor saxophone. In the UK it is sometimes referred to as a ” C tenor”, and in France as a “tenor en ut”. A C melody saxophone is larger than an alto and smaller than a tenor.

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