How To Play Deacon Blues?

What is a Deacon Blue?

Deacon Blue are a Scottish pop rock band formed in Glasgow during 1985. The line-up of the band consists of vocalists Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh, keyboard player James Prime and drummer Dougie Vipond. The band split in 1994, following which Vipond began a career in television.

Who played the sax solo on Deacon Blues?

Christlieb played the sax solos on Steely Dan’s hit song ” Deacon Blues ” from the album Aja; Natalie Cole’s Grammy award-winning album Unforgettable; and the extended tenor sax solo on the song “FM (No Static at All)” from the movie of the same name.

What are Deacon Blue doing now?

Since Deacon Blue’s split, he has busied himself with writing theme tunes to such daytime television shows as Grow For It; an experience which he describes as “great fun”. “We had eight years and in that time we had several number one albums, we had 14 top-40 hit singles and we travelled all over the world.

Who is the girl in Deacon Blue?

Lorraine McIntosh (born 13 May 1964) is a Scottish singer, vocalist with Scottish band Deacon Blue, and actress.

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What is the story behind Deacon Blues?

Recorded for the album “Aja” in 1977, the song details the bored existence of a ground-down suburbanite and his romantic fantasy of life as a jazz saxophonist. Written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in 1976, “ Deacon Blues ” was released in 1977 on Steely Dan’s album “Aja,” which in the fall reached No.

Who played on Deacon Blues?

” Deacon Blues ” is a song written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in 1976 and recorded by their group Steely Dan on their 1977 album Aja. It peaked at number 19 on the Billboard charts and number 17 on the U.S. Cash Box Top 100 in June 1978. It also reached #40 on the Easy Listening chart.

What is a G13 chord?

The intervals composing the G13 chord are Root, Major Third, Perfect Fifth, Minor Seventh, Major Ninth, Major Eleventh, and Major Thirteen. The G Dominant Thirteen chord is known as: G Dominant Thirteen.

What key is reeling in the years?

Reelin’ In the Years by Steely Dan is in the key of A Major. It should be played at a tempo of 120 BPM.

Is Blues hard to play?

Blues can be incredibly fun to play on guitar, but many beginners start out unsure whether blues is too hard to learn. Blues guitar is not hard to learn, but it is hard to master. But blues is a style of music that is easy to learn, but hard to master. Great blues guitarists are always trying to improve.

What are the 3 chords used in the 12 bar blues?

The standard 12 – bar blues progression has three chords in it – the 1 chord, the 4 chord, and then the 5 chord. In the key of E blues, the 1 chord is an E, the 4 chord is an A, and the 5 chord is a B. Let’s talk about blues rhythm.

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