How To Wash Navy Dress Blues?

Can you machine wash Navy dress blues?

Bleach or oxygen based whitening products can be used to remove stains and restore bright white color. Dress Blues MUST be professionally dry -cleaned. Never wash your dress blues in a washing machine.

How do you wash a Navy uniform?

Wash uniforms in cool or cold water and tumble dry on warm. If you choose to hang uniforms on a clothesline to dry, do not hang them in direct sun which can fade the camouflage pattern. It is best to wash the cammies separately from the rest of the laundry to prevent dye transfer.

Can I steam my dress blues?

Ironing the blues is actually extremely simple. Just lay small sections flat and iron them methodically. Because the uniform is form-fitting, just take small sections at a time so you don’t accidentally iron in creases. Use lots of steam to help with the thick fabric.

What color are Navy dress blues?

The Service Dress Blue (SDB) uniform consists of a dark navy blue suit coat and trousers (or optional skirt for women) that are nearly black in color, a white shirt, and a black four-in-hand necktie for men or a neck tab for women.

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How do you iron Navy dress whites?

Use a combination of water spray and steamed iron. Spray the water on the dress white uniform creases, then iron the creases in. Place your dress white jumper around the ironing board, inside out, and repeat the cycle, spraying some water on the uniform and then applying your steam iron.

How do you clean a navy combination cover?

  1. Fill sink with warm water. Add mild detergent and mix until detergent is thoroughly dissolved or apply a dime-sized amount of mild detergent directly to the white cap cover.
  2. Dip a sponge into the warm water and squeeze out excess water.
  3. Rinse the cap cover in clean warm water and lay on a clean towel to dry.

When can you wear white Navy dress?

Like its Service Dress Blue (SDB) counterpart, the Male Officer Service Dress White uniform (SDW) is prescribed for wear for all functions where Formal, Dinner, or Full Dress uniforms are not prescribed.

How do you wash your uniform?

Add 1/4 cup laundry detergent and one cup of baking soda, then soak the uniform for at least one hour or overnight. You can also use the prewash cycle if your machine has one; this can help remove surface dirt before the uniform goes through a full wash.

How do you wash dress blues at home?

Dress Blues should be dry cleaned. If you attempt to clean them yourself, wash on delicate with woolite and hang them up to dry or tumble dry with AIR ONLY. DO NOT put them in the dryer with heat.

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How do you get stains out of Navy whites?

Recipe #1 involves taking 1/2 cup of powdered Clorox 2 bleach, 1/2 cup of powdered All laundry detergent, and 1/2 cup of Cascade dishwasher soap. Mix together and dissolve in a large bucket or laundry tub. Soak the fabric in this mixture, checking every 20 minutes or so to see if the stain has been removed.

When can you wear your dress blues?

Blues with medals, called Dress Blue Alphas, are for ceremonies and formal events. You can wear Dress Blue Bravos (ribbons, no medals) whenever you want outside of work, though you may not want to after you ‘ve been in for a little while and the novelty wears off.

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