In Sonny’s Blues Who Is The Narrator?

What kind of person is the narrator in Sonny’s Blues?

The first- person narrator of “ Sonny’s Blues ” is a high school math teacher in Harlem. As the story begins, he has to decide how to handle his brother Sonny’s trouble with addiction.

What does the narrator in Sonny’s Blues teach?

The narrator of “ Sonny’s Blues ” provides insight not only into Sonny and their life together but also into their environment. Unlike Sonny, the narrator has a difficult time expressing his ideas and emotions, and only when his young daughter dies does he open up and write to his brother.

Why does the narrator go unnamed in Sonny’s Blues?

The unnamed narrator is important to the story not just because it’s through his perspective that we get the narrative, but also because he provides us with an alternative view of Sonny’s life. It’s almost necessary that we hear the story from the narrator, since Sonny would have been an unreliable narrator himself.

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Is the narrator in Sonny’s Blues a dynamic character?

In short, yes, he is dynamic —though perhaps in a more subtle way than other characters in the Baldwin canon. The essential fact is that, at the chronological start of the story, the narrator and Sonny are living in different mental worlds.

What is the main point of Sonny’s Blues?

In ” Sonny’s Blues,” a man finally comes to understand the darkness and suffering that consumes his brother, and he begins to appreciate the music that his brother uses to calm those blues. The main theme of ” Sonny’s Blues ” is suffering, particularly the sufferings of black people in America.

Who is the main character of Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny. The protagonist is the central character of the story, and although we hear the most from the narrator, Sonny is really at the heart of this narrative.

Does Sonny die in Sonny’s Blues?

The narrator didn’t know whether Sonny was dead or alive until he received a postcard from Greece. After the war, the two brothers returned to New York, but they didn’t see each other for quite some time. When they eventually met, they fought about Sonny’s decisions in life.

Who is the antagonist in Sonny’s Blues?

Harlem sort of looms as a villainous presence throughout the story, and we think that’s what makes the neighborhood the story’s antagonist.

What does the final sentence in Sonny’s Blues mean?

Scholars and critics tend to interpret this passage as God’s expression of forgiveness and humankind’s opportunity for redemption – God has essentially removed the temptation that initially created his anger. For this reason literary critics often read the ending of ” Sonny’s Blues ” as a symbol of Sonny’s redemption.

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What are the different settings of Sonny’s Blues?

Harlem, New York in the 1950s ” Sonny’s Blues ” takes place in Harlem during the early 1950s. Far from being mere background, Harlem is as much a character in this story as any of the actual people. But ” Sonny’s Blues ” is also set in a smaller world within Harlem: the nightclub where Sonny plays at the end of the story.

What is the relationship between the narrator and Sonny in Sonny’s Blues?

In his blues he wraps the story of his culture, a point of unity for his listeners. Sonny’s music touches his brother, the narrator, especially. Their relationship is reborn, just like Sonny is redeemed. With his blues, he saves himself, his relationship to his brother, and those who truly listen.

What is the cup of trembling in Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny’s drinking from the cup of trembling serves as a reminder of all the suffering he has endured, while also offering the chance for redemption and peace. As a musician, Sonny takes all his suffering and that of those around him and transforms it into something beautiful.

Is Sonny’s brother reliable as a narrator?

Since, Sonny was under the influence in part of the story, he would be considered as an unreliable narrator. He decided to write Sonny when his little girl, Gracie, died from polio. The fact that the older brother was not named puts the reader themselves in the story.

How does the narrator change in Sonny’s Blues?

After the narrator of ” Sonny’s Blues ” loses his daughter to the effects of polio, his loss causes him to feel that he can better understand Sonny’s troubles. Later, he gains a greater understanding of Sonny when he comes to live with the narrator, and he perceives how the sensitive and musical Sonny suffers in life.

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How does the narrator cope in Sonny’s Blues?

In ” Sonny’s Blues,” the narrator’s way of coping is through distancing himself from people, places, and things that would cause him pain and fear. When he learns about Sonny’s arrest, his initial instinct was to not get involved with him.

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