Often asked: Marine Corp Dress Blues Uniform/how Do You Adjust The Marine Belt?

How do Marines wear Mcmap belt?

The tip end of the utility belt will pass through the buckle, feeding back around the locking bar to the wearer’s left, with the belt -end extending 4 to 8 inches beyond, and outside the buckle. The buckle will be kept subdued in flat black finish.

Which way does the dress blue belt go?

3002. Belts for all uniforms will be worn at the natural waistline with the right edge of the buckle (wearer’s right) on line with the edge of the fly or coat front. 2. Belts for all men’s service coats and male officers’ blue coats must match the color and material of the uniform with which they are worn.

How are dress blues supposed to fit?

Dress blues blouses are meant to be form fitting. They are not loose. Chest Size: With arms relaxed and at the sides, place tape measure around fullest part of the chest (usually just under the armpits), keeping the tape up under the arms and across the shoulder blades.

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How long is the Web belt USMC?

Additional information

Dimensions 1.25 in
Choose Your Size 44 in. L, 54 in. L
Select Your Color Black, Khaki, Navy, Olive Drab

How do Marines wear web belts?

On the MCCUU, the tip of the belt is passed through the buckle to the wearer’s left so that it extends between 2 to 4 inches from the buckle, with the buckle tongue depressed into the buckle.

Why can Marines put their hands in their pockets?

The thought process being that Marines must always present themselves as professionals, and having your hands in your pockets somehow detracts from professionalism. So the Marine Corps made it a rule, and that rule is enforced at Marine Corps bases from Okinawa, Japan, to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Can a marine wear his uniform after discharge?

Former Marines who are discharged honorably or under honorable conditions from the Marine Corps (even if it’s not during wartime service) may wear their uniform while going from the place of discharge to their home of record, within three months after discharge.

Can Marines wear sweatpants in public?

The Marine Corps. is strict with our uniforms. All uniforms that are worn in garrison, ( outside of the field,) are permitted in public if you are either on duty and or are performing official duties relevant too your orders.

Can Marines wear dress blues in public?

Except when authorized, Marines and Sailors cannot wear their uniform when participating in public speeches, demonstrations, assemblies, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies, or any public demonstration which may imply service sanction for a cause that furthers personal or partisan views on political, social,

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Can you wear USMC boots in civilian attire?

Anyone can wear those boots. There is no law restricting civilian from wearing surplus military clothing. The only law there is, restricts civilians from impersonating a military personnel for the purposes of committing illegal acts or gaining restricted access to military facilities.

Where do Marines mark their uniforms?

Marking of Uniform

  • Bag, Duffel. On the outside of the bottom of the bag.
  • Belts (Except Trouser Belts). On the underside, near the buckle end.
  • Belts, Trouser, Web. On one side only, as near the buckle end as possible.
  • Caps. Inside on the sweatband.
  • Coats.
  • Crown, Cap.
  • Drawers.

Can dress blues be altered?

You’ll be fine. Just make sure it looks like it’s supposed to after. Your uniform is supposed to fit properly. Someone may call you out if it looks like you are wearing a hefty bag.

How do I know my uniform size?

How to measure for uniform sizes

  1. Neck Size: Hold tape snugly around neck and measure.
  2. Sleeve Length: Measure from the bottom center back of neck (top of spine), down the arm across the elbow to the wrist bone.
  3. Chest Size: Men measure around the fullest part of the chest, under arms.

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