Often asked: What Does The Dust Rock Blues Look Like?

Can you still get dust Rock Blues 2020?

Probably the most reliable way to get Dusk Rock Blues is to farm through the Menagerie. Once you have the runes in the right slot, load up the menagerie, run through, kill the boss at the end and open the chest to get your Dust Rock Blues. You can also farm for this on the EDZ.

What runes do you need for dust rock blues?

The third rune slot dictates what Masterwork the weapon or armor piece receives. Menagerie weapon rune combinations.

Weapon Rune 1 Rune 2
Dust Rock Blues Wealth Any Blue (Pleasure, Excess, Wealth)


Where can I get Mindbender’s ambition?

Mindbender’s Ambition is available from the Hollowed Lair Nightfall Strike.

Where is Hawthorne’s field forged shotgun?

This item can be obtained as a primary drop from EDZ and Legendary engrams, as well as gunsmith engrams.

How do you get Felwinter’s lie?

How to get Felwinter’s Lie in Destiny 2

  1. Talk to Ana Bray on Mars to pick up The Lie quest.
  2. Accept the already complete Warmind Evaluation community step.
  3. Visit Earth for the Vostok Visited quest and scan three objects.
  4. Complete 1000 Shotgun kills.
  5. Visit Rasputin on the Moon and visit the quest area.
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How do you farm Blues in Destiny 2?

In general, the best way to get blue gear consistently is to complete Public Events and Lost Sectors across Destiny’s patrol zones. Both only take a couple of minutes to do, and they almost always drop a piece of blue gear (or Legendary/purple gear, if you’re lucky).

Where can I farm retold tales?

To get the Retold Tale, players will need to make their way to the Dreaming City and finish activities there. Completions of the Blind Well, public events, opening world chests, and finishing Bounties can result in players getting the Retold Tale as a reward.

How do you farm shotguns in Destiny 2?

Completing Battlegrounds, opening two chests at the end of them, and taking any collected Umbral Engrams to the Prismatic Recaster to focus them into Chosen Arms Focused Engrams to then decode them is the most efficient method of trying to farm the Retrofuturist shotgun in Destiny 2.

How do you farm Drang?

How to get the Sturm and Drang

  1. Complete the main story and all follow-up Nessus story missions to get the Drang.
  2. Decrypt Legendary Engrams, a Exotic Engram and use the Drang to defeat Fallen enemies.
  3. Use the Drang to defeat powerful Fallen enemies, as well as regular Fallen enemies without reloading.

How do you farm Austringer?

Once you get a Rune of Desire, slot it into the top node of your chalice and then put any red rune in the left slot. Now load up the Menagerie and go through it as you normally would. Once you slay the boss, approach the chest and unlock it to earn one Austringer hand cannon.

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Will the menagerie go away?

While Menagerie is definitely going away because Leviathan is disappearing, we don’t know if this includes the Tribute Hall. It may, especially if all these zones are removed for story reasons (ie. the Pyramids blow them up).

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