Often asked: What Drummer Played On Louis Armstrong’s “west End Blues”?

What instruments are played in West End Blues by Louis Armstrong?

Drums, trombone, trumpet, clarinet and piano, total five instruments are used. “ West End Blues ” starts with a free-flowing trumpet solo by Armstrong. Then the band enters and main body of this piece begins. Trumpet is still dominating main melody while clarinet harmonizes and piano plays the same chord repeatedly.

Who played trombone on West End Blues?

“West End Blues” was a sleepy Southern blues tune written by Joe “King” Oliver until it landed in the hands of trumpeter Louis Armstrong in the late 1920s, at a recording studio in Chicago.

Why is West End Blues by Louis Armstrong important?

West End Blues by Louis Armstrong is one of the most important songs in jazz. From his introductory, fanfare-like opening to his solo later in the recording, Armstrong displays his power, range, and unique personality on the trumpet. Pianist Earl Hines is also featured.

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Did Louis Armstrong play blues?

‘Satchmo’ was arguably the greatest Jazz player of the 20th Century. His offbeat vocal style crossed over to Blues singers as well as mainstream acts in the 20s when record companies discovered the ‘race’ market.

What style of jazz is Louis Armstrong West End Blues?

Louis Armstrong’s recording

” West End Blues “
Song by Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
Released 1928
Recorded June 28, 1928
Genre Traditional jazz, blues

What style of blues did Louis Armstrong play?

Louis Armstrong
Musical career
Genres Dixieland jazz swing traditional pop
Instruments Vocals trumpet
Years active 1919–1971


What was zutty Singleton’s nickname?

Singleton, who was born in Bunkie, La., on May 14, 1898, was named Arthur James. He acquired the nickname Zutty (Zoot‐ee), a Creole patois word, for “cute,” when he was an infant.

Is there call and response in West End Blues?

It uses semi-quaver triplets giving a swing feel whilst hinting at a military sounding rhythm. There are also recognisable call and response elements implemented in the rhythm and melodic phrases.

Who is known as the father of big bands?

Benny Goodman
Goodman in 1942
Background information
Birth name Benjamin David Goodman
Born May 30, 1909 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

What key is West End Blues?

West End Blues by Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five is in the key of E Flat.

What city is credited the most with developing jazz in the 1920s?

Jazz centers of the 1920s: New Orleans: In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, African American musicians began gathering in New Orleans.

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How did Louis Armstrong meet King Oliver?

Louis Armstrong Joins King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band In 1919 Louis Armstrong played in St. Louis, but it was not until 1922 that he received the fabled telegram from his mentor and idol Joe “ King ” Oliver, asking him to come to Chicago to play with his Creole Jazz Band in the Windy City.

Why was Louis Armstrong’s voice so raspy?

According to the biography Pops by Terry Teachout, Armstrong’s voice first became gravelly due to a prolonged cold playing jazz on a steamboat ca 1921. In 1936 and 1937, he had surgeries to try to repair his vocal cords, which had the opposite effect.

What city is considered to be the birthplace of jazz?

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz.

Why is Louis Armstrong considered a jazz legend?

​ Louis Armstrong is rightly celebrated as a master jazz trumpeter, but his distinctive gravelly-voiced singing also had a huge influence on later artists. His vocal improvisations and the powerful feeling of swing that he brought to everything he sang loosened up the more formal style of his contemporaries.

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