Often asked: What Is A Generalization In The Story Blues Aint No Mocking Bird?

What is the meaning of Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird?

In speaking of the blues not being mockingbirds, the title is saying that sorrows are not for other people’s entertainment; sorrows are not to be mocked and enjoyed. Bambara uses her title and short story to depict her central theme criticizing the innate human tendency to make a mockery of other people’s suffering.

What symbols are in the story Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird and what do they represent?

Hover for more information. Three significant symbols in “ Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird ” are Granddaddy Cain, Camera, and the hammer. Granddaddy Cain: He symbolizes dignity, nobility, and leadership.

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What is the effect on Granny Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird?

One of the effects of the main cause of conflict is Granny’s anger, which the children and Granddaddy recognized might have explodes into demonstrable violence had Granddaddy not arrived home when he did. Another effect is the peaceful, pointed and highly demonstrative breaking of the cameraman’s camera.

How is the conflict resolved in Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird?

After Granddaddy ruins the film, he tells the two men that they are standing in the flower bed, and that the land is”our own place.” The greatest disrespect for these feelings comes from the men filming them in an imitation of live–like the mockingbird. But, Granddaddy demands respect; he resolves the problem.

Why is Granny humming again at the end of Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird?

In this short story, two white men wants to film the food stamp program in county and they try to film the African-American family and the grandma doesn’t like it. For that reason, when grandfather comes and smashes the cameras of these men, she is happy and starts humming again. The correct answer is B.

What is the climax of Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird?

In Toni Cade Bambara’s ” Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird,” the climax occurs the moment the Cains’ household is attacked by a hawk seeking revenge for the death of its mate. Prior to the climax, Granny refuses to grant the two men with the camera permission to film her home and tells them to leave her property.

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What does Cathy mean at the end when she says she is going to write a story about the proper use of the hammer?

So, when Cathy says that she is going to write a story one day about the proper use of the hammer, she is essentially referring to the events of the day where the grandfather hit a flying hawk with a hammer and terrified the two men who were hovering around before smashing their camera into pieces.

How does Granny react when she notices the man with the camera?

3. How does Granny react when she notices the man with the camera? She want the man to get away with his camera.

What is the effect on Granny?

We believe in the free flow of information The grandmother effect hypothesis suggests that menopausal women might still be able to increase their genetic footprint, despite not reproducing anymore. They do this by helping their children to raise larger families.

What has Mr Cain killed and why Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird?

In Toni Bambara’s ” Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird,” Granddaddy kills the first hawk because it is the mate of a giant hawk that will come for her and he can then kill it and be rid of both hawks who are killing his chickens.

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Who is the main character in Blues Ain’t No mockin bird?

Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird is about a family whose privacy is invaded by two white cameramen who are making a film for the county’s food stamp program. In this story, the little girl is playing with her neighbors, Tyrone and Terry and cousin, Cathy at her grandmother’s house.

What is the main conflict at the beginning of Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird?

The central conflict in “ Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird ” is between the white filmmakers and Granny, who is offended by their presence and wants them to leave.

Why does granddaddy become involved in the story’s conflict?

Granddaddy becomes involved in the story’s conflict because Granny asks him to. Because she hasn’t been successful in getting the men off their property, Granny decides to enlist Granddaddy Cain’s help. So, the men hand over their camera to Granddaddy Cain because they are afraid of him.

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