Often asked: What Size Speaker Is In A Blues Jr?

What Speaker is in a Blues Jr?

Fender Blues Junior

Blues Junior
Package Combo: 16″ × 18″ × 9.81″ (40.64 × 45.72 × 24.92 cm)
Cabinet Material Wood Covering Tolex or Diagonal Tweed Grille Silver sparkle or brown grille cloth Weight 31 lbs. (14.06 kg)
Speakers Celestion A-Type Speaker


What does a blues jr sound like?

The Blues Jr is extremely touch sensitive and articulate, much like an old tweed Deluxe, though with a strong EL84 vibe, making it a kind of a tweed Fender/Vox-ish hybrid amp when driven hard (back to the OP – there really isn’t ONE amp that the BJ sounds like, IMO).

Is Fender Blues Jr loud enough to gig?

The Blues Junior will technically get loud enough to do smallish gigs with but if you ever want a clean sound at its higher volumes, forget it. The Blues Junior lacks the clean headroom required for true gigging versatility.

Where are Blues Jr made?

There are NO new US- made Blues Juniors. US manufacture stopped in 2001, before Fender started using the Italian Jensen speakers in the tweed models. The tweeds are made in Mexico, too. The electronics and chassis are identical in all Blues Juniors made since 2001.

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What does the fat switch on a blues JR do?

MIDDLE – Adjusts the amount of boost or cut in the middle frequency range. TREBLE – Adjusts the amount of boost or cut in the high frequency range. FAT SWITCH – When this button is depressed, the amount of preamp gain will increase. VOLUME – Adjusts the amount of preamp gain.

How many ohms is a blues Jr?

The Fender Blues Jr IV (and all other versions) use an 8- ohm speaker. Please make sure to replace it with a speaker of the same rating.

Is a Blues Jr worth it?

Blues Jr is a great little amp and a ton of ppl have a lot of experience with them. I know when I went out to specifically get a BJr. I came home with a Traynor YCV-20. I also liked the sound of the Peavey Classic 30, around the same price.

Is Blues Jr too loud for home?

The Blues Jr is too loud to really give up the goods in a bedroom or apartment setting imo. At least, to get the best of the amp. If you’re gonna run pedals in front of it, this becomes a moot point.

Does Fender Blues Jr take pedals well?

Great Little Amp!! The Fender Blues Junior IV does just that. This amp takes all my pedals real well and the Celestion speaker is a big plus.

How loud is a Fender Pro Junior?

The Pro Jr is indeed loud. Very loud in fact, if you want to push the amp and make it sing. 2-3 on the volume is going to be really loud in a quiet in home environment. You could use a gain pedal out front and keep the amps volume low, but the amp sounds weak and thin without the volume turned up a bit.

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Can you gig with a blues Jr?

The Blues Jr. keeps up in a band just fine. It depends on the clean headroom you need. My DRRI is 22 watts and I gigged that for a couple of yrs.

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