Often asked: When Was Statesboro Blues Written?

What guitar did Duane Allman play on Statesboro Blues?

1961 Gibson SG/Les Paul Most notably, he played this guitar on “ Statesboro Blues ”.

What key is Statesboro Blues played in?

Key of D. Statesboro Blues by The Allman Brothers Band is in the key of D.

Did Duane Allman use a pick?

When he wasn’t playing slide, Allman used a pick. Apparently he played Fender Heavy 351 picks, but you don’t need to use the same picks to get those Skydog tones.

Who originally wrote Statesboro Blues?

McTell wrote “Statesboro Blues” and recorded the song in 1928 with Victor Talking Machine Company. Blues musician Taj Mahal recorded an adaptation of “Statesboro Blues” on his debut album in 1968.

Is Blind Willie McTell blind?

He was born William Samuel McTier in Thomson, Georgia. Most sources give the date of his birth as 1898, but researchers Bob Eagle and Eric LeBlanc suggest 1903, on the basis of his entry in the 1910 census. McTell was born blind in one eye and lost his remaining vision by late childhood.

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What tuning did Duane Allman Use for Statesboro?

Open E tuning is often used for slide guitar, as it constitutes an open chord, which can be raised by moving the slide further up the neck. Most notably Duane Allman used open E for the majority of his slide work, such as in ” Statesboro Blues “.

How did Duane Allman tune his slide guitar?

He usually played slide in open tunings, most often open E (low to high, E B E G# B E) and occasionally open A (E A E A C# E). He also played slide in standard tuning on songs such as “Dreams” and “Mountain Jam.”

Who plays lead guitar on Statesboro Blues?

” Statesboro Blues ” is a Piedmont blues song written by Blind Willie McTell, who recorded it in 1928. The title refers to the town of Statesboro, Georgia. In 1968, Taj Mahal recorded a popular blues rock adaptation of the song with a prominent slide guitar part by Jesse Ed Davis.

What made Duane Allman so good?

Born in the musical Makkah of Nashville, Tennessee, Allman was a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band as well as a solid session musician for some of the greats. That said, it is his inspirational improvisations, especially on slide guitar, that made Allman such a well -regarded player.

Who is the best slide guitarist?

Here, we will be exploring some of the most legendary slide guitar players of all time.

  • Rory Gallagher.
  • Blind Willie Johnson.
  • Bonnie Raitt.
  • Muddy Waters.
  • Elmore James.
  • Derek Trucks.
  • Robert Johnson.
  • Duane Allman.

What speakers did Duane Allman use?

Allman Brothers Band initially bought four Marshall cabinets and sixteen JBL speakers in early 1969 [Willie Perkins: Memorabilia, p. 5], which suggests that Duane and Dickey both used two Marshall cabinets with four JBL speakers per cabinet.

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