Often asked: Who Makes Good Electric Guitars For Playing The Blues?

What is the best electric guitar for blues?

Here are our top five best electric guitars for blues.

  • Fender Strat.
  • Gibson Les Paul.
  • Gibson ES-335.
  • PRS McCarty 594.
  • Gibson SG.

Can any electric guitar play blues?

What the best electric guitars for blues? It is a fact that you can “ play ” blues with almost any electric guitar, but there seems to be a big difference in tone, playability, and affordability among many of the most popular options that tend to get the label of “best” for this genre itself.

What kind of guitar do blues players use?

The Stratocaster or Strat has become almost synonymous with Blues because of the popularity of one Blues guitarist in the modern era, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Other guitarists famous for playing this model are Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, Robert Cray, Rory Gallagher and Buddy Guy.

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Who makes the best electric guitars?

The Top 10 Best Electric Guitars

  • Fender Telecaster.
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio.
  • Ibanez Roadcore RC365H.
  • Squier Bullet Stratocaster SSS.
  • Gretsch G5422TDC Electromatic.

What is the difference between an SG and a Les Paul?

The Differences Between a Les Paul and a SG Les Pauls are typically heavy guitars and most weigh more than a typical SG. The SG has a slimmer body shape, and doesn’t have the maple cap that a Les Paul typically has. Both guitars solid body is typically made of mahogany wood.

Is it hard to learn blues guitar?

Blues guitar is not hard to learn, but it is hard to master. A beginner can learn a simple blues shuffle within a few weeks while playing a blues song with soul and passion can take years to develop. The reason blues is a great style to learn on guitar as a beginner is that it is a simple style of music to learn.

What is the best jazz guitar?

The Best Jazz Guitars From Beginner to Professional

Our #1 All-Round jazz choice Ibanez Artcore High-quality affordable guitars suitable for both modern & straight-ahead playing Check Price
Our best budget pick Gretsch Streamliner A classic archtop guitar that is perfect for old-school straight-ahead jazz Check Price


What guitar did Jimi Hendrix play?

Guitar. Hendrix is most well known for his white Stratocaster, despite playing a wide variety of guitars throughout his career including SGs, Flying Vs, Les Pauls and Jaguars. He strung a right-handed guitar upside down as he played lefty, which in itself contributed to hugely to his unique sound.

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How long does it take to learn blues guitar?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Guitar?

Hours practiced per day
Playing level 0.5 hours 1 hour
Beginner – 300 hours 20 months 10 months
Intermediate – 1,500 hours 8.2 years 4.1 years
Advanced – 5,000 hours 27.4 years 13.7 years


Which Ibanez is best for blues?

Personally I would get an Ibanez Artcore Series (semi-hollow) over any of the solid body Ibanezes. Although if I was buying a guitar for blues /classic rock, a solid-body Ibanez would probably be my last choice, there’s plenty of nicer sounding guitars for those genres.

What is the best guitar for Delta blues?

Top 8 Best Acoustic Guitars for Blues

  • Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Resonator Acoustic Guitar.
  • Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar.
  • Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar.
  • Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic- Electric Guitar.
  • Gibson J-45 Progressive Acoustic- Electric Guitar.
  • Fender CD -60S All-Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar.

What are the top 5 electric guitars?

  • Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550.
  • Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 SSS 2PT CM.
  • Fender American Performer Stratocaster HSS.
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio.
  • Fender American Ultra Telecaster.
  • Ibanez Prestige AZ2204-ICM.
  • Gibson ES-335 Satin. The best electric guitar for jazz.
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre. A weaponized S-style of the highest caliber.

What is the easiest electric guitar to play?

  1. Yamaha Pacifica 112V. The best beginner electric guitar for small budgets – a great all-rounder.
  2. Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Stratocaster. The best beginner electric guitar overall.
  3. PRS SE Standard 24.
  4. Epiphone Les Paul Studio.
  5. Gretsch G2420 Streamliner.
  6. Yamaha Revstar RS320.
  7. Epiphone SG Standard.
  8. Squier Bullet Mustang.
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What is the most sold electric guitar?

The Stratocaster is the best-selling guitar of all time and modern versions are designed to suit all budgets.

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