Often asked: Who Played Billy Bob On Varsity Blues?

How did Billy Bob from Varsity Blues die?

DALLAS – Actor Ron Lester, who was perhaps best known playing the loud, oversized lineman Billy Bob in the 1999 film “ Varsity Blues,” has died of organ failure. His agent, Dave Bradley, confirmed Saturday that Lester had been hospitalized since February due to liver and kidney complications.

How did Ron Lester lose weight?

In 2000, Lester underwent a gastric bypass surgery procedure called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with a duodenal switch, losing 310 pounds (140 kg). During the procedure Lester flatlined. After the gastric bypass, he had 18 plastic surgeries to remove excess skin.

Who played Billy Bob in the football movie?

Ron Lester as Billy Bob, an overweight but powerful offensive guard. Scott Caan as Charlie Tweeder, a wild, cocky and hard-partying wide receiver. Eliel Swinton as Wendell Brown, the star running back and one of only three African American players on the Coyotes.

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Is Varsity Blues Based on a true story?

Varsity Blues was loosely based on the “Friday Night Lights” book. Eight actors screen tested for the lead, including American Pie star Chris Klein. “I don’t mean this in an ego way, but I have never met anyone who has seen the movie who hasn’t said to me, ‘You stole that movie,'” he boasted in the Grantland profile.

Who died from Varsity Blues?

Paul Walker as Lance Harbor. Walker passed away in 2013 after a tragic car accident at age 40.

Why did Ron Lester organ fail?

At age 30, after his massive obesity had caused him to have four arthroscopic knee surgeries and two “mild” heart attacks, he had gastric bypass surgery and eventually lost 349 pounds, going from 508 pounds down to 159 pounds. After that, he had 17 plastic surgeries to remove his excessively-stretched skin.

Where did they film Varsity Blues?

Varsity Blues was released on January 15th, 1999. Filming locations include Austin, Coupland, Elgin and Georgetown, TX.

What year is Billy Bob’s truck in Varsity Blues?

Billy Bob’s custom 4×4 truck is a 1973 Chevrolet K-Series.

How did Ethan Suplee lose weight?

Over the course of his lifetime, Suplee has lost and gained roughly 1,000 pounds. He tried countless diets from Atkins to anti-inflammatory eating plans. At points, he was riding his bike 100 miles a week. It wasn’t until 2018, when everything clicked for Suplee, who shares four children with his wife, Brandy Lewis.

Who was the big guy in Remember the Titans?

TV proved itself to be incredibly fruitful for the California native, particularly with his role on My Name Is Earl, alongside Jason Lee. Suplee’s fluctuating weight defined many of his earlier roles, especially in 2000’s Remember the Titans, where he was at his heaviest playing offensive lineman Louie Lastik.

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Where is West Canaan Texas?

Downtown West Canaan, where Tweeder pulls up in a cop car full of naked sophomores, is downtown Elgin. place was a football field in Georgetown that has since been demolished. It was located at East Morrow Street and Stadium Drive, Georgetown. The houses of Lance Harbor and Jonathan Moxon are located in Coupland.

Does Netflix have Varsity Blues?

Sorry, Varsity Blues is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like United Kingdom and start watching British Netflix, which includes Varsity Blues.

What is Billy Bob Thornton doing now?

Billy Bob Thornton is back to work as he begins filming for season four of the hit legal drama Goliath. The 65-year-old actor, who won a 2017 Golden Globe for his role as conflicted lawyer Billy McBride in the Amazon show, was seen gearing up to shoot some scenes while on set in LA Monday.

What was the name of the pig in Varsity Blues?

Lester is best known for playing lovable football player Billy Bob, who had a pet pig named Bacon, in the 1999 film ” Varsity Blues ” with Paul Walker and James Van Der Beek.

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