Question: How To Iron Dress Blues?

Can you iron dress blues Navy?

Although the uniform depicted is the dress whites, the dress blues are folded and ironed exactly the same way. When ironing is completed and you turn the uniform right-side out and you should see that all creases EXCEPT the front middle crease and the three creases on the collar flap are turned inward, not out outward.

Can you iron dress blue coat?

You can iron with the steam function turned all the way up, but you need to be careful to not to crease them anywhere that they don’t already have creases. Dry cleaning is better, but if they ‘re not overly dirty you can get away with it doing this. Why those coats are wrinkly to begin with is another question hmm.

How do you iron a navy dress uniform?

Use a combination of water spray and steamed iron. Spray the water on the dress white uniform creases, then iron the creases in. Place your dress white jumper around the ironing board, inside out, and repeat the cycle, spraying some water on the uniform and then applying your steam iron.

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How do you iron a military uniform?

Iron the front, pressing hard on the buttonhole area and pressing between the buttons all the way to the edge of the shirt. Iron the sleeves flat, pressing the crease into the top as sharply as the rest of the creases. Touch up any areas that seem unsatisfactory, being careful not to iron over any of the creases.

Can I wash my dress blues?

Dress Blues should be dry cleaned. If you attempt to clean them yourself, wash on delicate with woolite and hang them up to dry or tumble dry with AIR ONLY. DO NOT put them in the dryer with heat.

What color are Navy dress blues?

The Service Dress Blue (SDB) uniform consists of a dark navy blue suit coat and trousers (or optional skirt for women) that are nearly black in color, a white shirt, and a black four-in-hand necktie for men or a neck tab for women.

Can you iron your service coat?

Do not put an iron directly to pants, covers, or a service coat. It will scorch them.

How do Marines iron Service Charlies?

Start with one leg straight on the ironing board. Turn it inside out and lay sideways to create a seam going down the front of the leg. Repeat with the other pant leg. Turn the pants around and iron the front and rear of the pants above the legs to keep them flat.

How do you wash your uniform?

Add 1/4 cup laundry detergent and one cup of baking soda, then soak the uniform for at least one hour or overnight. You can also use the prewash cycle if your machine has one; this can help remove surface dirt before the uniform goes through a full wash.

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When can you wear white Navy dress?

Like its Service Dress Blue (SDB) counterpart, the Male Officer Service Dress White uniform (SDW) is prescribed for wear for all functions where Formal, Dinner, or Full Dress uniforms are not prescribed.

How can I make my army uniform look better?

Make sure your patches are squared away. Trim the little pieces of thread when you see them. Blouse your boots if you’re allowed. Get a lighter and burn off all of the random threads sticking out of the stitching.

How can I make my military uniform look better?

Here are three quick ways to clean up your look using the fundamentals the military teaches to look great in uniform.

  1. Rock some shirt stays. There’s no better way to look sloppy than to try to tuck in your shirt, but have it bunched around your waist or partially untucked.
  2. Maintain your gig line.
  3. Use the military tuck.

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