Question: What Side Do Ribbons Go On Navy Dress Blues?

Do ribbons go on the left or right Navy?

Arrange ribbons in order of precedence in rows from top down and inboard to outboard. Wear either the senior ribbon or all ribbons. Personnel awarded only ribbons that do not have corresponding large medals shall wear the ribbons on the right side as mentioned above.

How do you put ribbon on Navy dress blues?

Wear military ribbons from right to left according to order of precedence. Thread each ribbon onto a ribbon bar from the bottom up using the low precedence ribbon first. Line each ribbon in order in accordance with uniform regulation medals “Order of Precedence” chart. Wear ribbons centered 1/4 inch above the pocket.

How do you put ribbon on dress blues?

Quick Ribbon notes for Army Blue Uniforms: Male personnel wear the ribbons centered 1/8 inch above the left pocket. Female personnel wear the ribbons centered on the left side, with the bottom row positioned parallel to the bottom edge of the nameplate.

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Where do medals go on Navy dress blues?

The medals and ribbons are worn as a block, arrayed in order of precedence from the top and wearer’s right side, those for valor ahead of those for merit at a given level of precedence, with those for service in campaigns and theaters of war following, and followed by foreign decorations.

What color are Navy dress blues?

The Service Dress Blue (SDB) uniform consists of a dark navy blue suit coat and trousers (or optional skirt for women) that are nearly black in color, a white shirt, and a black four-in-hand necktie for men or a neck tab for women.

How many ribbons can you wear navy?

Wear of Navy Service Ribbons (The Coast Guard generally follows U.S. Navy guidelines) Wear up to 3 in a row; if more than three military ribbons, wear in horizontal rows of three each. The top row contains the lesser number, centered above the row below, no spaces between ribbon rows.

Do you wear a belt with Navy dress blues?

Belt. The belt is made of plain cloth or webbed material and must match the same color as uniform. Men must wear the belt with the clip to the left of the buckle. Unlike the working uniform, women will wear the belt with the clip to the right of the buckle.

How do you put name tags on Navy dress blues?

The Navy Service Uniform is a Khaki, short-sleeved shirt worn with a plain-white-T shirt under it and with dark navy blue pants. Navy Service Uniform Male.

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Name Tag Centered 1/4 inches above the Right breast pocket
Devices Centered on ribbon
Service Stars Centered 1/4 inches above ribbons


Can you have your hands in your pockets in the Navy?

While in uniform, it is inappropriate and detracts from military smartness for personnel to have their hands in their pockets. These regulations describe all authorized U.S. Navy uniforms and the proper manner for their wear.

How high do ribbons go on dress blues?

Where do you put the ribbon on dress blues? Wear ribbons with the lower edge of the bottom row centered 1/4 inch above the left breast pocket and parallel to the deck. To prevent coat lapels from covering ribbons, ribbons may be aligned so the border to wearer’s left is aligned with left side of pocket.

How high do medals go on dress blues?

Full size medals on the blue or white dress jacket are centered on the left breast pocket with the upper edge of the holding bar on line midway between the 1st and 2nd button of the jacket.

Can you wear medals with dress blues?

Large medals are worn on the service coat or jumper of Full Dress Blues and Full Dress White. Multiple rows of ribbons should be grouped with the same number of medals in each row, with the lesser number in the top row if necessary. A maximum of three medals may be worn side by side in a single row with no overlap.

Are bangs authorized in the Navy?

Long hair, including braids, shall be neatly fastened, pinned, or secured to the head. When bangs are worn, they shall not extend below the eyebrows. The bulk of the bun shall not exceed 3 inches when measured from the scalp and the diameter of the bun will not exceed or extend beyond the width of the back of the head.

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Can you wear Army awards on a Navy uniform?

You won’t get approval to wear any Army badges, unless it is the same badge that the Navy wears (parachutist insignia, EOD, etc.) Some Army badges such as the CAB or CIB can be converted into Navy ribbons (CAR) but it requires paperwork. edit: You should also remove the ISAF bar from your NATO medal.

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