Question: What Was The Moody Blues 8th Album?

How many albums did the Moody Blues make?

The band has sold 70 million albums worldwide, which includes 18 platinum and gold LPs. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018.

What was the Moody Blues third album?

Listen to On The Threshold Of A Dream. The record was the third by the “second generation” of the Birmingham band. The original rhythm and blues -oriented line-up had hit the top of the UK singles chart with “Go Now” and made the Magnificent Moodies set.

Why did the Moody Blues break up?

Despite being in high demand for live gigs, the group didn’t have much commercial success as they’d have liked with their next few releases. In 1966 Warkick retired and the group took a short hiatus until they re-formed in November of that year.

Who is still alive from the Moody Blues?

January 7, 2018. Ray Thomas, flautist and vocalist for British rock group The Moody Blues, has died at 76.

Did the Moody Blues perform at Woodstock?

The Moody Blues were invited to play at Woodstock in 1969 and in fact, several Woodstock posters show them as performers. They cancelled their appearance there and according to Justin Hayward, they played at a rally in Paris, France instead.

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Are Moody Blues still touring?

John Lodge Says Moody Blues ‘Won’t Tour Again’

Why do the Moody Blues have two drummers?

They are both playing at the same time for the full concert. They do pull away shots and you can see them both drumming. They also pan back and forth during the same song from drummer to drummer.

Are the Moody Blues retiring?

So, no, The Moody Blues aren’t likely to retire soon, not as long as their fans are willing to pay and the show remains at least good, which it was Wednesday.

Is Moody Blues in R&R Hall of Fame?

The band was inducted after waiting through nineteen years of eligibility (“Yippee!”) IT FINALLY HAPPENED: On August 13, 2018, the Moody Bloody Blues were inducted into the bloody Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

Are the Moody Blues prog rock?

The Moody Blues have been recognized as pioneers in the world of prog – rock, earning praise from generations of musicians as well as enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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