Question: What Year Was The 34 Blues?

Is Charley Patton white?

Charley Patton, born in Hinds County, Mississippi near the town of Edwards, is by consensus the Father of Delta blues and one of the most important American musicians of the 20th century. Although generally considered to be African American, Patton’s ancestry was a mixture of white, black and Cherokee.

Who is the father of Delta blues?

Hinds County, Mississippi, U.S. Charley Patton (April 1891 (probable) – April 28, 1934), also known as Charlie Patton, was an American Delta blues musician. Considered by many to be the ” Father of the Delta Blues “, he created an enduring body of American music and inspired most Delta blues musicians.

Did Charley Patton have kids?

The name of his wife has not been passed down, but we do know that she died in 1898 probably during childbirth, leaving him with three children (3 years, 1 year and a newborn).

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How was the Dockery Plantation significant to American music?

The plantation was a safe comfort place for many African Americans and that welcomed so many. The plantation lead to the community expressing themselves through music and they happened to create the Delta Blues. The birthplace of the blues lead to the birthplace of future American Music.

Who did Charlie Patton influence?

Some of the musicians that Patton affected the most were Tommy Johnson, Bukka White, Big Joe Williams, Howlin’ Wolf, and his regular partner Willie Brown (The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music). In Patton’s short lifetime, he was married eight times.

Who was the first Delta blues singer?

Charlie Patton might have been the first important delta blues musician, but Robert Johnson (no relation to Tommy Johnson) is almost certainly the most famous.

What did the music industry call recordings from the 1920s until the late 1940s?

What did the music industry call recordings from the 1920’s until the late 1940’s that were made by African Americans artists and produced mainly for sale to African American listeners? Race Records.

How did HC Speir contribute to music history?

H. C. Speir (October 6, 1895 – April 22, 1972) was an American “talent broker” and record store owner from Jackson, Mississippi. He was responsible for launching the recording careers of most of the greatest Mississippi blues musicians in the 1920s and 1930s.

Why is it called Delta blues?

Delta blues is one of the earliest-known styles of blues. It originated in the Mississippi Delta, and is regarded as a regional variant of country blues. Guitar and harmonica are its dominant instruments; slide guitar is a hallmark of the style.

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What are the characteristics of Delta blues?

The Mississippi Delta style of blues —or, simply, Delta blues —emphasized solo performances by singers accompanying themselves on guitar and relying on a host of distinctive techniques, such as the sliding of a bottleneck or metal object (such as a knife) along the fingerboard to bend notes, the use of melodic phrases on

What is the difference between Chicago blues and Delta blues?

Chicago blues: evolved from Delta blues as poor southern blacks migrated north for work. Basic Delta blues were enhanced with electric guitar amplification, as well as piano and bass guitar. Basic Delta blues were enhanced with electric guitar, bass, and piano, but with slightly less intensity.

Is Blind Willie McTell blind?

He was born William Samuel McTier in Thomson, Georgia. Most sources give the date of his birth as 1898, but researchers Bob Eagle and Eric LeBlanc suggest 1903, on the basis of his entry in the 1910 census. McTell was born blind in one eye and lost his remaining vision by late childhood.

What is a typical element of African music?

African music most closely adheres to Western tetratonic (four-note), pentatonic (five-note), hexatonic (six-note), and heptatonic (seven-note) scales. Harmonization of the melody is accomplished by singing in parallel thirds, fourths, or fifths.

Who taught Sons House?

The young guitarist Alan Wilson (later of Canned Heat) was a fan of House’s. The producer John Hammond asked Wilson, who was just 22 years old, to teach ” Son House how to play like Son House,” because Wilson had such a good knowledge of blues styles.

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