Question: Where Are Juniors Parents Reservation Blues?

Who commits suicide in Reservation Blues?

The chapter starts by telling what happens a week after Coyote Springs returns home to the Spokane Indian Reservation. Junior Polatkin steals a rifle out of Simon’s pickup truck and climbs a water tower where he commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Who is Big mom in Reservation Blues?

Big Mom was known as a Shaman, who lived on a mountain top above the Spokane Indian reservation in Washington. Throughout the book it is made obvious to the reader that Big Mom is a God like figure. “’Creator help me, I have only a hundred pieces of fry bread to feed two hundred people.

Who is Samuel in Reservation Blues?

Samuel is a heroic figure of hope, fighting for the pride of his culture against unjust authority. Victor’s white stepfather is one such unjust authority, taking Victor’s mother away from him—a rejection that helps explain Victor’s perpetually rude behavior now.

What happens at the end of Reservation Blues?

Coyote Springs is gone. Victor wanders around the reservation with the three dogs, while Thomas, Chess, and Checkers prepare to leave for Spokane. Thomas, Chess, and Checkers are determined to escape this cycle, even as the thought of leaving the reservation breaks Thomas’s heart.

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What is the theme of Reservation Blues?

Hope, Despair, and the Blues Throughout Alexie’s novel, hope battles with despair in the lives of each member of the band and the reservation as a whole—and the Blues become a way of converting despair into something that can build, rather than destroy, community. Hope survives, barely, in spite of sustained adversity.

Who is Junior Polatkin?

A Spokane Indian and the (somewhat inept) drummer in Coyote Springs. Victor Joseph is his best friend, and the two stick close to one another to find meaning in the face of their difficult pasts.

What happens during Coyote Springs audition Reservation Blues?

At the competition Coyote Springs wins the $1,000 prize. Thomas appears on a local radio station to talk about the band. Then the band members head back to the reservation, and on the way home Chess convinces Thomas to go to church with her the following day.

What is Thomas builds the fire known for around the community?

He doesn’t want to be found.” Thomas Builds -the- Fire had known that Victor’s father was going to leave, knew it before anyone. Now Victor stood in the Trading Post with a one-hundred-dollar check in his hand, wondering if Thomas knew that Victor’s father was dead, if he knew what was going to happen next.

What year is reservation blues set in?

Sherman J. Alexie, Jr., was born in October 1966. A Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Indian, he grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington, about 50 miles northwest of Spokane. Approximately 1,100 Spokane Tribal members live there.

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What is the plot of Reservation Blues?

Reservation Blues is the story of a group of Native Americans in Washington who, led by the reservation outcast and storyteller Thomas Builds-the-Fire and spurred on by the demonic magic of Robert Johnson’s mystical guitar, decide to form a blues band that they name “Coyote Springs.” The novel charts the rise and fall

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