Question: Who Is A Main Character In Soony’s Blues?

What kind of character is Sonny in Sonny’s Blues?

The narrator’s wayward younger brother. Sonny is a troubled young man who becomes addicted to heroin at an early age. Unlike many of the young boys in the neighborhood, Sonny is not hard or brutal. He keeps all of his problems bottled up—except when he plays music.

Who is the protagonist and antagonist in Sonny’s Blues?

The Protagonist in Sonny’s Blues is the Narrator, who is a main character and is the nameless older brother of Sonny. Antagonist – rival. Sonny Himself would appear to be the antagonist as he stands opposite to his brother due to his struggle with heroin.

Who is the main character of the text Sonny or the narrator How do you know?

The narrator ( Sonny’s brother) is the main character; his name is never mentioned in the story. He is a high school algebra teacher and family man. Unlike Sonny who is constantly struggling with his feelings, he chooses to ignore his own pain. Sonny is the narrator’s brother.

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Who is Sonny’s Blues mainly about?

James Baldwin ‘s ” Sonny’s Blues ” is the story of a young jazz musician (Sonny) from Harlem, NY who gets addicted to heroin, is arrested for using and selling drugs, and returns to his childhood neighborhood after his release from prison. Harlem was Baldwin’s hometown, and he was born there in 1924.

What happens to Sonny in Sonny’s Blues?

While living with his sister-in-law, Sonny got into trouble for skipping school. He tried to hide the truancy letters, but one eventually made it to the house. When his sister-in-law’s mother confronted him, Sonny admitted to spending all his time in Greenwich Village, hanging out with musicians.

What is the main theme of Sonny’s Blues?

In ” Sonny’s Blues,” a man finally comes to understand the darkness and suffering that consumes his brother, and he begins to appreciate the music that his brother uses to calm those blues. The main theme of “Sonny’s Blues ” is suffering, particularly the sufferings of black people in America.

Who is the foil in Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny and the narrator are almost textbook foils. Sonny is impetuous and passionate. He’s an artist who loves living in the world of music and musicians. The narrator is rational and logical.

What is the antagonist in Sonny’s Blues?

Harlem sort of looms as a villainous presence throughout the story, and we think that’s what makes the neighborhood the story’s antagonist.

Who dies in Sonny’s Blues?

Grace is the narrator’s young daughter who dies, and her death from polio is symbolic of the horrible suffering we sometimes face. But her death is what prompts the narrator to get back in touch with Sonny, and in this way she’s very much like her mother.

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Why does the narrator cry in Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny is upset that the narrator can ‘t understand his passion for music. The narrator senses Sonny’s anger, so he tries to relate to his younger brother on some level. He asks him what kind of musician he wants to be, assuming it’s something “respectable” like a concert pianist.

Why is Sonny’s Blues in first person?

” Sonny’s Blues ” is told in the first person from the point of view of an unnamed narrator who, we find out, is Sonny’s brother. The narrator in this story is an interesting figure. He’s mostly telling us Sonny’s story, and this would seem to make him a peripheral character instead of a central one.

Why is the narrator nameless in Sonny’s Blues?

The unnamed narrator is important to the story not just because it’s through his perspective that we get the narrative, but also because he provides us with an alternative view of Sonny’s life. It’s almost necessary that we hear the story from the narrator, since Sonny would have been an unreliable narrator himself.

Why did Sonny do drugs in Sonny’s Blues?

Drugs are viewed as a way for students to cope with difficult emotions such as distress and anxiety. In Baldwin’s “ Sonny’s Blues ”, the main character Sonny struggles with his addiction to heroin, which eventually causes him to end up in jail. Upon his release, he rekindles his love for playing the piano.

What does the final sentence in Sonny’s Blues mean?

Scholars and critics tend to interpret this passage as God’s expression of forgiveness and humankind’s opportunity for redemption – God has essentially removed the temptation that initially created his anger. For this reason literary critics often read the ending of ” Sonny’s Blues ” as a symbol of Sonny’s redemption.

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What is the argument in Sonny’s Blues?

Sonny and the narrator argue in the apartment. This is where it all comes out: the narrator’s anger at Sonny’s drug use, Sonny’s anger at feeling abandoned, the narrator’s inability to understand Sonny as a musician, and Sonny’s frustration at all this. This is their big, loud, brutally honest argument.

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