Question: Who Plays Blues Owner In Rio?

Who is Blues owner in Rio?

Linda Gunderson
Background information
Occupation Ornithologist Bookstore Owner (formerly)
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Fair skin Red hair
Eyes Green


Who are the voices of the birds in Rio?

Cast (70)

  • Karen Disher. Mother Bird ( voice )
  • Sofia Scarpa Saldanha. Young Linda ( voice )
  • Kelly Keaton. Bookstore Customer / Lady Tourist ( voice )
  • Wanda Sykes. Chloe (The Goose) ( voice )
  • Rodrigo Santoro. Tulio / Soccer Announcer ( voice )
  • Jamie Foxx. Nico ( voice )
  • Phil Miler. Aviary Intern / Waiter ( voice )
  • Bernardo De Paula.

Who voices the little yellow bird in Rio?

Nico is a Yellow Canary who wears a bottle cap for a hat. Nico is voiced by Jamie Foxx.

Is Pitbull in Rio?

Luiz is a Bulldog and supporting character in Rio and Rio 2, whose bark is much worse than his bite.

Is Rio a true story?

The 2011 release of the animated film Rio brought much-needed attention to the plight of endangered species everywhere. This much of Rio is based on a true story. In 1990 when international efforts began to rescue the Spix’s Macaw from extinction, only eighteen parrots available for breeding purposes could be found.

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Is Rio based on Angry Birds?

Angry Birds Rio will be based on 20th Century Fox’s new animated 3D flick, Rio. The plot will involve the angry birds being kidnapped and whisked off to Rio de Janeiro, before escaping and trying to save their macaw mates, Blu and Jewel.

What type of bird is Nico from Rio?

Jamie Foxx as Nico, a yellow canary who loves to samba, and whose bottlecap hat functions as a tambourine.

What is the girl bird in Rio?

Mimi is a female Spix’s Macaw.

What is the name of the white bird in Rio?

The Sulphur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) is a species of large white birds with a very special crest. In Rio and Rio 2, Nigel is a Sulphur-crested cockatoo who is the main antagonist.

Does Anne Hathaway Sing in Rio?

Hathaway sang two songs in the film as well as three on the soundtrack, including a duet with singer Jesse McCartney.

Who’s the voice of the crab in Moana?

Jemaine Atea Mahana Clement (born 10 January 1974) is a New Zealand actor, musician, comedian, singer, director and writer. Film.

Year 2016
Title Moana
Role Tamatoa ( voice )
Notes Reprises this role in the 2017 Māori dub of the movie.


Does Linda marry Tulio?

He is married to Linda in Rio 2, and they have an adoptive son, named Fernando. He is voiced by an actual Brazilian, Rodrigo Santoro, in both the English and Brazilian Portuguese versions of the series.

Who is the bad guy in Rio?

Nigel (also sometimes known as Nigel the Cockatoo) is the overall main antagonist of the Rio franchise. He serves as the main antagonist of Rio, and one of the two main antagonists of Rio 2 (along with Big Boss). He is a villainous sulphur-crested cockatoo, and the arch-nemesis of Blu and Jewel.

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Is there a Rio 3 movie?

Results. Because it is unlikely that Disney will make a third film, (how it happened with Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild), the film remains canceled indefinitely. The Rio franchise is now a duology. Pedro and Nico will be getting a spin-off show on Disney+.

Who plays the White parrot in Rio?

Jemaine Atea Mahana Clement (born 10 January 1974) is a New Zealand singer, comedian, musician, actor, voice actor, director and writer. With Bret McKenzie, as the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, he has released several albums and created comedy series for both the BBC and HBO. He voices Nigel in Rio and Rio 2.

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