Question: Why Did Steve Earle Call His Tribute To Townes Van Zandt The Fort Worth Blues?

Did Steve Earle know Townes Van Zandt?

He died of a heart attack 10 years later. “Maybe he did,” he added, “but I think if he had, my dad would have told me.” “ Townes will always be bigger than life in his head,” the younger Earle concluded. Steve Earle admitted that Van Zandt never really saw him as an adult.

What did Bob Dylan say about Townes Van Zandt?

That’s when Steve Earle’s infamous quote somehow made the sticker for the album: ” Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.” The quirky quote, which embarrasses Earle still today, seemed like something that came straight from

How did Townes Van Zandt?

Townes was a holy mess, his life a mix of the sublime and the horrific. By the time he died of a heart attack at 52 on New Year’s Day, 1997, the Fort Worth native had written a large batch of enduring songs and become the subject of colorful tales—many of them even true.

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Is Justin Townes Earle related to Townes Van Zandt?

Justin Townes Earle, who released eight albums and an EP over 13 years, had a mordant songwriting style that bore the influence of Townes Van Zandt, the fatalistic folk oracle who was Steve Earle’s mentor and the man he named his son after.

Did Townes Van Zandt drink?

Van Zandt was addicted to heroin and alcohol throughout his adult life. At times, he became drunk on stage and forgot the lyrics to his songs. At one point, his heroin habit was so intense that he offered Kevin Eggers the publishing rights to all of the songs on each of his first four albums for $20.

Does Steve Earle drink alcohol?

After narrowly avoiding a lengthy prison stint, country musician Steve Earle has now been sober for 22 years, and he spoke candidly with The Guardian about his struggles with drugs on the eve of the release of his new album, So You Wanna Be an Outlaw.

Did Townes Van Zandt dig up Blaze Foley?

At his funeral, Foley’s casket was coated with duct tape by his friends. Townes Van Zandt told a story where he and his musicians went to Foley’s grave to dig up his body because they wanted the pawn ticket that Foley had for Townes’s guitar.

What is the best Townes Van Zandt biography?

A Deeper Blue: The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt by Robert Earl Hardy.

Where did Townes Van Zandt live in Houston?

Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas is a double live album by Texas singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt. The recording captures Van Zandt in a series of July 1973 performances in an intimate venue Old Quarter.

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How much is Justin Townes Earle worth?

American singer-songwriter and musician Justin Townes Earle had a net worth of $12 million dollars at the time of his death, in August 2020.

Who is Justin Townes Earle’s dad?

Steve Earle has announced plans to record an album of songs written by his son Justin Townes Earle, who died August 20th at the age of 38.

What songs did Justin Townes Earle write?

Justin Townes Earle

  • Lone Pine Hill. Justin Townes Earle. 17.4K.
  • Harlem River Blues. Justin Townes Earle. 9.3K.
  • Maybe A Moment. Justin Townes Earle.
  • If I Was the Devil. Justin Townes Earle.
  • The Saint of Lost Causes. Justin Townes Earle.
  • Mama’s Eyes. Justin Townes Earle.
  • Yuma. Justin Townes Earle.
  • Champagne Corolla. Justin Townes Earle.

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