Quick Answer: Blues Clues What Does Blue Want To Make?

What does Blue want to do with drawing?

After figuring out Blue’s Clues, Blue gets the envelope ready, folds the drawing, and puts the postage stamp on the top right corner. Then, Blue draws a picture of who is getting the letter which was Magenta.

What does Blue want to make out of recycled things credits?

The answer to Blue’s Clues was a guitar. Blue could use the tissue box for the body, the rubber bands for the strings, and the paper towel roll for the neck. They just figured out Blue’s Clues.

Why was Steve from Blue’s Clues fired?

Steve revealed the real reason he left Blue’s Clues According to Burns, he simply felt it “just seemed like time to go I was just getting older and I kind of occupied this weird older brother space on that show. Like I was sort of an adult, but not really.”

What gender is blue and magenta?

Description. Magenta is Miranda’s pet and Blue ‘s next-door neighbor and best friend. She is an artistic female puppy who loves to take and draw pictures.

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What game does Blue want to play?

He Skidoos back home and had to put all the clues together. Steve thought it was the duckity, duck, duck goose game. But the answer that Blue wanted to play was Duck, Duck, Goose.

What was Blues Dream?

Steve thought Blue had a dream about a leotard that rolled up in a mat and took a nap. Steve figured out Blue had a dream about doing gymnastics. They just figured out Blue’s Clues. So, Blue gave it a try just like in her dream.

What experiment does Blue want UK?

The answer in the UK version is “The Whirlpool Experiment “. At the beginning of the episode, Steve and Blue were experimenting with “Sink or Float” from ” Blue Goes to the Beach”.

What happened to original Blue Clues guy?

But in 2002, at the height of the show’s popularity, the beloved Burns abruptly left “Blues” to “go to college” in his final episode. The actor was actually 29-years-old at the time. Rumours immediately began to swirl that Burns died of a drug overdose, was a drug addict, or was killed in a car crash.

What happened to paprika on Blues Clues?

In the fourth season, Paprika grows older and becomes a toddler. Cinnamon takes her place as the youngest member of the Blue’s Clues house in the last three seasons. That is until the reboot, in which the newborn twins, Sage and Ginger, take Cinnamon’s place in terms of youngest shaker to be born by Mr. Salt and Mrs.

What is Josh Dela Cruz salary?

As Recr Worker I at Galt, Joshua Dela Cruz made $3,567 in total compensation.

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Why is Blue’s Clues a girl?

In the pilot, Blue was a male cat colored orange (it would later become Orange Kitten), but she became a female dog colored blue because Nickelodeon had already greenlit a show about a cat.

Why is blue a Boy Color?

It all started in the 19th century when pastel colors started becoming popularized for babies. Then, blue was actually the color that was assigned to girls, because it was seen as a dainty color, and pink was seen as a stronger color, so it was assigned to boys.

Are magenta and blue related?

Magenta. Magenta is Blue’s best friend, who is the same age as Blue and identical to her with the exception of a magenta fur coat and glasses. She is first shown in the episode ” Blue’s Story Time” but is not properly introduced until ” Magenta Comes Over”.

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