Quick Answer: How To Use The Blues Boxes?

What are blues boxes?

The “5 Blues Boxes ” refers to the Minor Blues Scale in 5 positions. The only difference between this scale and the Minor Pentatonic is one added note, called the “Flat Five”, or “Blue Note”.

What are the 3 chords used in the blues?

A common type of three – chord song is the simple twelve-bar blues used in blues and rock and roll. Typically, the three chords used are the chords on the tonic, subdominant, and dominant (scale degrees I, IV and V): in the key of C, these would be the C, F and G chords.

What are the 3 chords used in the 12 bar blues?

The standard 12 – bar blues progression has three chords in it – the 1 chord, the 4 chord, and then the 5 chord. In the key of E blues, the 1 chord is an E, the 4 chord is an A, and the 5 chord is a B. Let’s talk about blues rhythm.

Is Blues Scale major or minor?

The heptatonic, or seven-note, conception of the blues scale is as a diatonic scale (a major scale ) with lowered third, fifth, and seventh degrees, which is equivalent to the dorian ♭5 scale, the second mode of the harmonic major scale.

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What are pentatonic boxes?

A little music theory The word pentatonic comes from Greek, meaning “five tones” — the pentatonic scales have five notes in them. Traditional western scales have seven notes in them. The major pentatonic scale is the same as the major scale minus the fourth and seventh notes.

What is the blues scale on guitar?

The blues scale is esentially a minor pentatonic scale with an added flat fifth. The blues scale formula is 1, b3, 4, b5, 5, b7. The easiest way to remember this scale is to think of it as the minor pentatonic and simply learn where the added notes are within the normal five minor pentatonic positions.

What key is the BB box in?

FIGURE 1 illustrates the six notes that make up the “ B.B. box,” as played in the key of E in fourth/fifth position.

What is the BB box on guitar?

His signature guitar tone can be replicated via what guitar players call the “ B.B. King Box ” or the “ B.B. Box.” This box refers to a box pattern on the fretboard that players can utilize to play B.B. King’s signature licks.

What is the formula for the blues scale?

The Blues scale is a variation on the Minor Pentatonic scale with an added flat fifth scale degree. Here is a little review if you are unfamiliar with the Minor Pentatonic scale. The formula for this new Blues scale is 1 – ♭3 – 4 – ♭5 – ♮5 – ♭7.

What key is most Blues played in?

Blues guitar keys The two most common keys in blues music are E and A. There are others, but these two keys are the most common.

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What is the difference between pentatonic and blues scale?

The “ Blue Note” is the only difference between a minor pentatonic scale and the blues scale. The blue note is also known as a flat 5th. Locate the 5th scale degree of the A minor scale. The 5th scale degree of an A minor scale is an E.

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