Quick Answer: How To Wear Dress Blues?

What do you wear under dress blues?

For officers, there is a very specific tailored white shirt with French collar and cuffs, including cuff links, that is a required uniform item worn under the Dress Blue blouse (i.e., when wearing Dress Blue /White “A” or “B”). For Dress Blue “C” or “ D ”, as others noted, typically a white T-shirt.

When should you wear your dress blues?

Marine Corps Order Papa 10.20. 34 Gulf. Dress Blue Alphas could ONLY be worn with medals during a special occasions such as your personal wedding, Marine Corps ball, or mess night.

How do air force wear dress blues?

Airmen generally pair the mess dress with a blue service dress coat, trousers, and footwear. Meanwhile, women in the Air Force generally wear a female version of the blue service dress coat along with trousers or skirt. Both males and females wear a long or short-sleeved light blue shirt under the jacket.

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Can I wear dress blues to a wedding?

Dress blues are the best choice for a wedding with a cocktail or formal dress code.

What are dress blues for?

Dress blues may refer to the dress uniforms of the following military services: United States Army Service Uniform. United States Marines dress blue uniforms.

Can Marines wear their dress blues in public?

Marines are allowed to wear in public the Dress Blue A, B, C, D. They are allowed to wear the Service Uniform A, B, C, the Evening Dress Uniform or approved PT gear.

Do you get to keep dress blues?

You can wear Dress Blue Bravos (ribbons, no medals) whenever you want outside of work, though you may not want to after you ‘ve been in for a little while and the novelty wears off. You keep all of your uniforms when you get out unless you get kicked out.

How do Marines earn the blood stripe?

Marine Corps tradition maintains that the red stripe worn on the trousers of officers and noncommissioned officers, and commonly known as the “ blood stripe,” commemorates those Marines killed storming the castle of Chapultepec in 1847.

Do you have to buy your dress blues?

Enlisted Marines have not been required to own the dress blues since 1993, when the Corps stopped issuing an allowance for the uniforms as a way to cut costs, said Mary Boyt of the uniform board. Now all Marine recruits will be issued the dress blues during boot camp as of October, a recent Corps-wide message says.

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Do you salute in PT gear?

While hats are not required while wearing the PT uniform, Airmen may sometimes be required to salute. Saluting is not required when performing PT activities, but a proper salute is necessary when passing individuals with appropriate rank and not performing PT activities.

How do you wear an Air Force mess dress?

Tuck in the formal white shirt into trousers or skirt. Put on the cummerbund with pleats up around the waist, about halfway between pants and shirt. Tie the bow tie in typical fashion. Arrange the appropriate insignia on front of mess dress jacket.

Can you wear your wedding ring in the military?

Soldiers may wear a wristwatch, a wrist identification bracelet, and a total of two rings ( a wedding set is considered one ring ) with Army uniforms, unless prohibited by the commander for safety or health reasons.

Can I drink in dress blues?

As others have noted, you are not allowed to drink in your duty uniform. Now if you are in your dress uniform, attending a social event, such as a military ball, wedding, or other military function where alcohol is provided, you would be okay.

Can I wear my navy dress blues to a wedding?

Even if your wedding is a “civilian” wedding, you can allow any active military members of the bridal party (or guests) to wear their uniforms. Formal dress protocol and uniforms vary across the different military branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps).

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