Quick Answer: What Channel Was Blues Clues On?

Where can I watch the original Blues Clues?

Blue’s Clues – Nickelodeon – Watch on Paramount Plus.

Is Blue’s Clues still on TV?

Blue’s Clues was the longest-running Nick Jr. series until it was surpassed by Dora the Explorer in 2012. In March 2018, Nickelodeon announced a reboot of the series titled Blue’s Clues & You!, which premiered on November 11, 2019.

How can I watch Blues Clues without cable?

Yes, Hulu Live TV carries Blue’s Clues & You! on Nickelodeon as part of their Hulu Live TV package. The service costs $64.99 / month, after a 7-Day Free Trial.

Which streaming service has Blues Clues?

Stream And Watch Blue’s Clues & You Online | Sling TV.

Why did Steve leave Blues Clues?

I left the show because it was just simply time to go. I was pretty much playing a boyish, older-brotherish kind of character on the show. I was getting older; I was losing my hair; a lot of the original people on the show, like the people who created it, were all moving on to other careers. It just felt like time.

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Why did Joe leave Blue’s Clues?

He passed the torch to Donovan Patton who played Joe. It was reported that the real reason why Burns quit the show because he felt it was “simply time to go”. He also shared that his hair loss was also another factor. ‘I was pretty much playing a boyish, older-brotherish kind of character on the show.

Is Blues Clues a girl or boy?

The star of Blue’s Clues, Blue, is a girl puppy who communicates to Steve and Joe through barks, which they understand.

How old is Josh from Blues Clues?

Joshua Dela Cruz is the first Asian American Pacific Islander to host a major children’s show — Nickelodeon’s “ Blue’s Clues & You!” Singing and dancing with an animated dog isn’t a stretch for the 32-year- old actor, who studied theater and appeared in “Aladdin” on Broadway (as well as being a real-life dog dad).

Is Joe on the new Blues Clues?

Patton, alongside Burns, appeared in the first episode of the 2019 revival Blue’s Clues & You!, reprising their roles as Joe and Steve respectively to help their cousin Josh (which was played by Joshua Dela Cruz) learn how to take care of Blue.

Is Blues Clues and you on Amazon Prime?

Watch Blue’s Clues & You Season 1 | Prime Video.

Can you watch Blues Clues on Amazon Prime?

Watch Blue’s Clues Season 1 | Prime Video.

What is the best episode of Blue’s Clues?

The BEST Episodes of Blue’s Clues

  1. #1 – Stormy Weather. Season 3 – Episode 31 – Aired Mar 19, 2001.
  2. #2 – Rhyme Time. Season 4 – Episode 16 – Aired Mar 4, 2002.
  3. #3 – Animals in Our House?
  4. #4 – Morning Music.
  5. #5 – Something To Do, Blue.
  6. #6 – Meet Polka Dots!
  7. #7 – Blue’s Predictions.
  8. #8 – Blue is Frustrated.

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