Quick Answer: What Is Savory Blues By Louis Armstrong About?

When was Savoy Blues written?

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Title (Format) Label Year
Savoy Blues 1927 ~ 1928 (Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Mono) Joker (2), Louis Armstrong – «Records Story» In Chronological Order 1975

What was Louis Armstrong’s style?

Louis Armstrong
Musical career
Genres Dixieland jazz swing traditional pop
Instruments Vocals trumpet
Years active 1919–1971


Why is Louis Armstrong a hero?

Louis Armstrong deserves to be called a hero because of his dedication towards improving his musical skills, and his positivity which allowed him to triumph over poverty, racism, and almost single-handedly create a new form of music. Armstrong is considered a hero for all his devotion he put towards music.

Why was Louis Armstrong important?

Many scholars call Louis Armstrong the first great jazz soloist. From the beginning of his career as a bandleader, Armstrong created ensembles to showcase his spectacular trumpet playing. His music had such an important effect on jazz history that many scholars, critics, and fans call him the first great jazz soloist.

Why was Louis Armstrong’s voice so raspy?

According to the biography Pops by Terry Teachout, Armstrong’s voice first became gravelly due to a prolonged cold playing jazz on a steamboat ca 1921. In 1936 and 1937, he had surgeries to try to repair his vocal cords, which had the opposite effect.

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What is Louis Armstrong’s legacy?

His trumpet playing revolutionized the world of music, and he became one of our century’s most recognized and best loved entertainers. Now, thirty years after his death, Armstrong’s work as an instrumentalist and vocalist continue to have a profound impact on American music.

Was Louis Armstrong a good man?

Louis Armstrong was the most important and influential musician in jazz history. Although he is often thought of by the general public as a lovable, clowning personality, a gravel-voiced singer who played simple but dramatic trumpet in a New Orleans-styled Dixieland setting, Armstrong himself was so much more.

Was Louis Armstrong happy?

Armstrong sounded happy —like he knew something the rest of us didn’t. He was hip to some delightful, mysterious fact. That aura of happiness has amazed and confounded Armstrong fans for more than a hundred years. As Billie Holiday famously said, “ Louis toms from the heart.”

Are Louis Armstrong and Neil Armstrong related?

Is Neil Armstrong the grandfather of Louis Armstrong? – Quora. Yes he was. Despite being 29 years younger and white, Neil Armstrong was most definitely Louis Armstrong’s grand father.

Why did Louis Armstrong lie about his birthday?

According to this document, the performer’s actual birth date was August 4, 1901. No one’s quite sure why Armstrong lied about his age, but the most popular theories maintain he wanted to join a military band or that he figured he’d have a better shot at landing gigs if he was over 18 years old.

Why is Louis Armstrong important to blacks?

Louis Armstrong, musical innovator, transformed jazz with his powerful solo voice, which was at once musically advanced, soulful, rich and irresistible. One of this country’s first black superstars, trumpet player Louis Armstrong had an immeasurable influence on jazz, popular music, pop culture and race relations.

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