Quick Answer: What Time Does Rookie Blues Come On?

What time is rookie blue on?

The police drama premiered on June 24, 2010, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/8:00 p.m. Central, and aired on Global in Canada and ABC in the United States. On July 17, 2013, Global and ABC following later announced that Rookie Blue was renewed for a fifth season.

Rookie Blue
Camera setup Single-camera setup
Running time 44 minutes


Is Rookie Blue coming back on?

Rookie Blue was cancelled after the end of its sixth season on ABC. There will not be a seventh season for fans to enjoy.

Where can I watch rookie blues?


  • Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime Video.

What happens at the end of Rookie Blue?

After six seasons of on- and off-again dating, Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Sam (Ben Bass) finally got hitched during the sixth season finale of ABC’s Rookie Blue.

Why did they kill Jerry on Rookie Blue?

Detective Barber was fatally stabbed while attempting to question a suspect relating to the abduction of Officer Gail Peck. He later died at the hospital. Easy going guy- He has a lot of friends within the division.

Who does Andy marry in Rookie Blue?

Andy McNally

Birth Name: Andrea Grace McNally
Gender: Female
Born: 1984
Marital Status: Married to Sam Swarek
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Does Sam swarek die in Rookie Blue?

Missy Peregrym plays Officer Andy McNally on ABC’s “ Rookie Blue.” It’s actually been nine months, but in the world of “ Rookie Blue,” it’s been only a very short time since Detective Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) was shot.

Is the rookie Cancelled?

ABC’s “The Rookie,” a top performer in USA TODAY’s 24th annual Save Our Shows poll, is staying on the beat. On Friday, the network renewed the Nathan Fillion police drama and four other series for the 2021-22 TV season, which also marks the eighth and final season of family comedy “Black-ish.”

How long was Rookie Blue on the air?

It’s the end of the road for ABC’s summer staple Rookie Blue. The Canadian cop drama Rookie Blue’s recent sixth season finale will serve as a series finale. Producers Entertainment One and U.S. distributor ABC have opted to cancel the series after six seasons and 74 episodes.

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