Quick Answer: Who Are The Artists That Performened In Bessies Smiths St. Louis Blues?

Who played the St Louis Blues with Bessie Smith?

Bessie Smith co-stars with Jimmy Mordecai as the boyfriend and Isabel Washington as the other woman. It was filmed in June 1929 in Astoria, Queens. The film is about 16 minutes long.

Who played trumpet or cornet in St Louis Blues with Bessie Smith?

It was only natural that she would take on what is perhaps the preeminent blues song of the era. As if this perfect marriage of singer and song weren’t enough to conjure musical magic, Smith ‘s recording of “St. Louis Blues” featured a 24-year-old Louis Armstrong on cornet.

What is Bessie Smith singing about in St Louis Blues?

The great Studs Terkel, a beloved Chicago radio DJ, writer, and man-about-town, described Bessie Smith’s voice and music in glowing terms: “She sang of the life about her, of the hard lot of her people.

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Did Richard Morgan die with Bessie Smith?

Death on Highway 61. Smith and her paramour/manager Richard Morgan were driving north on Highway 61 around 2 in the morning. There was a collision, Smith’s right arm was nearly severed, and she had serious internal injuries.

What is the name of the most recorded blues song of all time?

Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King The song has been widely covered by a variety of artists throughout the decades and is considered the be the most recorded Albert King song. This hit single was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in 1988.

Did Bessie Smith include all of Handys verses in her 1925 recording of St Louis Blues?

The song has been called “the jazzman’s Hamlet.” Composer William Grant Still arranged a version of the song in 1916 while working with Handy. The 1925 version sung by Bessie Smith, with Louis Armstrong on cornet, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1993. Saint Louis Blues (song)

” Saint Louis Blues “
Songwriter(s) W. C. Handy

What is the Gloria song for the Blues?

‘ Gloria ‘ becomes the Blues ‘ victory song The team always played “Runaround Sue” by Dion, but that changed in January before the team played a road game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Five players were inside Jacks NYB, a private club, to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play the Chicago Bears in a playoff game.

What is the St Louis Blues goal song?

Louis: Laura Branigan’s “Gloria.” The track has become a rallying cry of sorts for the Blues, and the story is a perfect cocktail of friendly bar patrons in Philadelphia, the NFL playoffs and a lot of circumstance.

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Is St Louis Blues public domain?

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1926. The author died in 1958, so this work is also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 60 years or less.

What style is St Louis Blues?

St. Louis Blues tends to be a variation on jump blues or piano blues, featuring solo singers or a pianist performing with small combos or large bands. It has an urban feeling, with little of the rural atmosphere that distinguishes country- blues.

What does the St Louis Blues mean?

Louis Blues are a professional ice hockey team based in St. Louis. The Blues compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the West Division. The franchise was founded in 1967 as one of the six teams from the 1967 NHL expansion and is named after the W. C. Handy song “Saint Louis Blues “.

What is the tempo in St Louis Blues?

St. Louis Blues by W. C. Handy is in the key of G Major. It should be played at a tempo of 100 BPM.

What happened to Bessie Smith adopted son?

Bessie never had any biological children, but in the Queen Latifah movie we see her (informally) adopted son, Jack Gee, Jr. (1919-1995), who had been born to the niece of one of Smith’s chorus girls, Margaret Warren. Jack eventually lost the case in federal court, although the judge seemed to sympathize with him.

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Who did Bessie Smith marry?

‘Downhearted Blues’ By the early 1920s, Smith had settled down and was living in Philadelphia, and in 1923 she met and married a man named Jack Gee.

What was Bessie Smith nickname?

Bessie Smith (April 15, 1894 – September 26, 1937) was an American blues singer widely renowned during the Jazz Age. Nicknamed the ” Empress of the Blues “, she was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s.

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