Readers ask: How Does Characterization Reveal The Theme In No Guitar Blues?

What is the theme of the no-guitar blues?

Theam – The No – Guitar Blues. The theme of this story is honesty. Fausto lied to the rich people, so he could get a reward. After he got a reward he felt bad.

What is the conflict in no-guitar blues?

The Conflict There was a problem, Fausto’s family was poor. Fausto can’t afford the guitar because the guitar cost too much money, it cost twenty dollars. If he asked his parents they would say ” money don’t grow on trees. ” But he wouldn’t give up. So he went to the garage to think of what to do.

Who is the protagonist in the no guitar blues?

In Gary Soto’s short story, β€œThe No – Guitar Blues,” the main character, a teenage boy named Fausto, takes advantage of some rich folks. As a result, he is consumed by guilt. The story shows that deep down, people want to do the right thing. The story begins with Fausto wanting to play guitar in his own band.

How did Fausto get a guitar?

Fausto felt better after church. He had to forget about getting a guitar. But Fausto was so happy when his grandfather brought him the guitar.

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What point of view is the no guitar blues told from?

I can conclude that β€œ The No-Guitar Blues ” is written from the third-person limited point of view. The story is told by a narrator who isn’t part of the story.

Why does Fausto go to church?

Why does Fausto go to church? He wants to hide out so Roger’s owners can ‘t find him. He owes the priest money. He wants to make amends for lying to Roger’s owners.

How does Fausto react to Rogers owners?

Fausto thought rogers owners were “strange But nice.” Why do you think he had that impression of them. Do you think this story would have been more realistic with a different ending?

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