Readers ask: How To Deal With Holiday Blues?

How do you beat Christmas blues?

Four simple steps to beating the holiday blues

  1. Why it’s easy to hate the holidays. The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year, yet for many, they trigger deep feelings of sadness and anxiety.
  2. Seek social support.
  3. Get to the gym.
  4. Don’t look at Facebook.
  5. Reframe your thinking.

What is Holiday blue?

What Are the Holiday Blues? Feelings of sadness that last throughout the holiday season—especially during the months of November and December—are often referred to as the holiday blues or holiday depression. The holidays are usually viewed as a time of happiness and rejoicing.

How do you handle holiday stress?

Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression

  1. Acknowledge your feelings.
  2. Reach out.
  3. Be realistic.
  4. Set aside differences.
  5. Stick to a budget.
  6. Plan ahead.
  7. Learn to say no.
  8. Don’t abandon healthy habits.

What is post-holiday syndrome?

Also known as post – vacation syndrome, stress, or depression, this slump can hit hard after a period of intense emotion and stress. Post – holiday blues share many of the same characteristic symptoms of an anxiety or mood disorder: insomnia, low-energy, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and anxiousness.

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How do you cure blues?

  1. 7 Scientifically Proven (and Affordable) Ways to Fight SAD and Cure Your Winter Blues.
  2. Decide if you have mild winter blues or full-blown SAD.
  3. Get as much indoor daylight as you can.
  4. Get outside as much as you can.
  5. Get regular exercise.
  6. Use a light box or dawn simulator.
  7. Take vitamin D.
  8. Have a sunny getaway.

How do you handle blues?

Six Strategies for Coping with the Blues

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. It may seem as if others don’t get the blues, but human beings are more alike than we think.
  2. Don’t try to force yourself out of the blues.
  3. Try Weather Practice.
  4. If you can, go outdoors.
  5. Reach out to another person.
  6. Treat those blues to a fun time.

Why do I struggle with holidays?

The holiday season can be stressful. People are often busier. And trying to balance work and personal obligations can lead to more stress. It can also be a financially stressful time, since gift giving and events can take a toll on your wallet.

Why are the holidays stressful?

Many factors, including unrealistic expectations, financial pressures, and excessive commitments can cause stress and anxiety at holiday time. Certain people may feel anxious or depressed around the winter holidays due to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sometimes referred to as seasonal depression.

How do you get over a holiday?

Grieving During the Holidays

  1. Begin a New Tradition. Try planning a family outing or vacation, instead of spending the holidays at home.
  2. Don’t Give In to Holiday Pressures. Feel free to leave an event if you aren’t comfortable.
  3. Volunteer. Helping others can also be very helpful for you, too.
  4. Get Back to Nature.
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How many people are stressed during the holidays?

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 38 percent of people said their stress level increases during the holidays.

How can I relax during holidays?

Here are seven ways to unwind during the holidays:

  1. Enable your out-of-office message, even if you are looking at email.
  2. Share holiday “work” with friends and family.
  3. Don’t set your alarm.
  4. Don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning.
  5. Get outside and move.
  6. Enjoy your breakfast.
  7. Commit to some family time.

How do the holidays affect mental health?

According to a recent survey, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that approximately 24% of people with a diagnosed mental illness find that the holidays make their condition “a lot” worse and 40% “somewhat” worse.”

Why am I so tired after the holidays?

Some researchers believe the main contributors to post- holiday fatigue can be summed up as the “Five F’s” — finances, family, festivities, fatigue and food.

Why do you feel weird after traveling?

We oxygen-dependent humans don’t often respond well when we can’t get the amount we need and flying for hours at a time — breathing in the sparser air — can cause your body’s internal oxygen levels to drop, which, in turn, can make you tired and affect your ability to concentrate or think clearly.

Why do I feel tired after vacation?

Jackson added that taking a vacation for too short of a period and jumping right back into work upon returning home can also cause one to feel frazzled and exhausted afterwards. The effects of traveling also have a more direct impact on your body on a biological level.

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