Readers ask: How To Play Cocaine Blues?

When did Johnny Cash record Cocaine Blues?

Johnny Cash versions

” Cocaine Blues “
Song by Johnny Cash
Released May 1968
Recorded January 13, 1968
Genre Rockabilly


What tuning did Rev Gary Davis use?

And while about 99.9 percent of his songs were in standard tuning, “Whistlin’ Blues” shows Davis ‘ own original take on slide guitar in an alternate tuning. It’s in open D6—low to high, D A D F# A B.

How do you play bass on acoustic guitar?

Building The Walking Bass Line

  1. – Beat 1: Play the root of the current chord.
  2. – Beat 2: Play one half step (one fret) above or below the root note.
  3. – Beat 3: Play the root of the chord.
  4. – Beat 4: Play one half step (one fret) above or below the root note of the next chord.

What kind of guitar did Reverend Gary Davis play?

Acoustic Guitars: For six-string guitar, the Reverend Gary Davis preferred his Gibson J-200.

Did Joaquin Phoenix sing in Walk the Line?

Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon performed all of the songs themselves, without being dubbed. They also learned to play their instruments (guitar and auto-harp, respectively) from scratch.

Why is C chord so hard?

Let’s kick off by understanding why the C major can be so hard to learn. The main reason is due to the stretch that all three fingers need to make. Most chord shapes you have tackled up to now will span two frets, whilst the C major chord spans 3.

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What are the 3 basic guitar chords?

The chords are G, C and D and collectively they contain all the notes from the ‘G major ‘ scale. G, C and D are some of the most commonly used chords in popular music and are used in literally thousands of songs.

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