Readers ask: How To Start The Old World Blues Dlc?

What level should you start Old World Blues?

Anywhere around 12 to 18 should be good. Old World Blues spoils parts of Dead Money though, so it’s best to play after Dead Money.

How do I start the Dead Money DLC?

Dead Money: After you step out into the Mojave Wasteland for the first time, you will receive a new radio signal on your Pip-Boy (Sierra Madre Broadcast) and a new quest (Sierra Madre Grand Opening!). Follow the quest marker to the Abandoned BoS Bunker in order to start the Dead Money quests.

Can you leave the Old World Blues DLC?

When you the start the Old World Blues DLC in FNV, you are teleported to the Big MT and can ‘t leave until you complete the ” Old World Blues ” quest and watch the tutorial above.

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How do I go back to Old World Blues?

Just need a bit of help, how do you exit from the area where Old World Blues is set and get back to the Mojave? Equip the ‘Big Mountain Transportalponder!’ and press RT. and here’s me walking around every location for an hour.

How long does it take to complete Old World Blues?


Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 26 6h 54m
Main + Extras 51 8h
Completionists 34 10h 43m
All PlayStyles 111 8h 30m

What is the weight limit for honest hearts?

You will only be allowed to carry 100 pounds or less, while having a crate nearby that you can use to store any extra equipment.

Does Lonesome Road end the game?

The game ends when you finish the main quest so you have to do Lonesome Road first.

Where is the emergency maintenance key in dead money?

Behind the closet door, you’ll find an electrical switch; flip it to restore the power to the rest of the Sierra Madre. Once the power is restored, leave the casino and head inside the restaurant. Grab the emergency door key to the Cantina Madrid kitchen, found on a clipboard inside the restaurant’s main room.

How much money do you get from dead money?

The dead money comes out to $5.7 million, which is only $400,000 less than the $6.1 million cap hit the Saints were scheduled to take from Doe’s contract. Thus, New Orleans would not open up much cap room by cutting John Doe before the 2016 NFL season.

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Can you go back to Big MT after Old World Blues?

You can return to Big MT after finishing Old World Blues. And you actually can go back to Zion after completing Honest Hearts (not that there’s much to do there afterwards).

Can you take companions into Old World Blues?

DLC alone or with companions? In fact, each of the DLC except Old World Blues have sections in the main quests that require you to have a companion in one form or another, as well as a lot of sections where you can bring a companion, but it isn’t mandatory.

Can you go back to Big Mountain?

Upon being released from the Brotherhood of Steel in Hidden Valley, the Big Mountain Transportalponder! may not be returned.

What is the meaning of Old World Blues?

The term is used to describe a form of depression and anxiety, manifesting as an unhealthy obsession with the Old World. The blues cause the affected person to distance themselves from the world around them, withdraw from society, and become apathetic.

What is the main quest in Old World Blues?

Outsmarted. Old World Blues is the final main quest of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues. After completing this quest, the Make up Your Mind and Outsmarted achievements/trophies will be earned.

How do I spare Dr Mobius?

Mobius, you have no option besides killing him. Here there are two choices: reason with him or kill him. Intelligence 7.

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