Readers ask: In The Guidebook, Which Musician Was Attributed As The Bridge Between The Blues And Rock And Roll?

What musical form was a carryover from African American singing into what became known as the blues?

In america, the african call-and-response tradition can be traced from early african – american music through the blues and into jazz.

Which rhythm and blues musician has the most significant influence on early pre rock?

Have them write a short response, explaining how Louis Jordan—perhaps Chuck Berry’s biggest influence —distinguished himself in both his music and his performance style, in ways that made him an important figure for many early Rock and Roll musicians.

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What musical form was a carry over from African American singing into what became known as the blues group of answer choices concerto the Roman Catholic mass call and response sounds of nature?

Correct! 1 / 1 pts Question 4 What musical form was a carry over from African American singing, into whatbecame known as the Blues? The Roman Catholic mass Sounds of Nature Concerto Call and Response Correct! Correct!

What characteristics in early rock and roll R&B appealed to teenagers?

An Infectious Rhythm. One of the characteristics of rock and roll that appealed to teenagers in the ’50s was an infectious beat or rhythm.

Why is blues the devil’s music?

The origins of the blues are closely related to the religious music of Afro-American community, the spirituals. It was the low-down music played by rural blacks. Depending on the religious community a musician belonged to, it was more or less considered a sin to play this low-down music: blues was the devil’s music.

Who is known as the father of the blues?

Today’s blog celebrates the career of W.C. Handy. Born in Florence, Alabama on November 16, 1873, William Christopher Handy became interested in music at an early age.

Who was the first R&B musician with crossover success?

The Fall of Disco Ironically, it was stars that had enjoyed some success with disco, including Michael Jackson, that were the first to make the crossover into modern R&B.

Which 3 artists are considered to be important American blues musicians?

Notable musicians: John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Memphis Minnie, Big Joe Williams, and Son House.

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Who is the Queen of R&B?

American singer Ruth Brown has been referred to as the ” Queen of R&B “.

What is the main difference between blues and gospel?

Blues songs are sad, full of heartbreak and disappointment. They talk about everyday problems like losing a job or a girlfriend, like having no money or no friends. Gospel songs, on the other hand, are the happiest songs you’ll ever hear, full of joy and hope.

What type of music did African American slaves evolve over time to give birth to blues and jazz?

Following the Civil War, black Americans, through employment as musicians playing European music in military bands, developed a new style of music called ragtime which gradually evolved into jazz.

What did jazz borrow from Africa?

Jazz evolved from slave songs and spirituals (religious African American folk songs ). Jazz’s originators and most important innovators were primarily African Americans.

Why did parents hate rock and roll?

During the 1950’s many parents did not like Rock and Roll because they thought that it caused juvenile delinquency. Parents feared that with increasing crime rates that their children would take up the acts of the musicians they loved and the criminals.

Why rock and roll is important?

Rock and roll influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes and language in a way few other social developments have equalled. As the original generations of rock and roll fans matured, the music became an accepted and deeply interwoven thread in popular culture.

Who was the king of rock & roll?

Elvis Presley is, quite simply, the King of Rock & Roll. In 1954, the performer kicked off a musical revolution by modernizing traditional genres such as blues, country and bluegrass for contemporary (and more youthful) audiences.

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