Readers ask: What Is About Song And Flood By Bessie Smith Backwater Blues?

What was the name of tragic event that many blues songs were written about?

The song has long been associated with the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. However, that flood was at its worst some two months after the song was written. Backwater Blues.

“Backwater Blues “
Recorded February 17, 1927, New York, NY
Genre Blues
Length 3:19
Label Columbia

What is the tonality of Backwater Blues?

Backwater Blues is written in the key of E Major. According to the Theorytab database, it is the 5th most popular key among Major keys and the 7th most popular among all keys. Major keys, along with minor keys, are a common choice for popular songs.

Who performed Backwater Blues?


Title Performer Release date
Back-Water Blues Bessie Smith March 1927
Back Water Blues Lonnie Johnson June 1927
Back Water Blues Viola McCoy 1927
Back Water Blues Josh White 1946


Why is the blues the devil’s music?

The origins of the blues are closely related to the religious music of Afro-American community, the spirituals. It was the low-down music played by rural blacks. Depending on the religious community a musician belonged to, it was more or less considered a sin to play this low-down music: blues was the devil’s music.

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Who is known as the father of the blues?

Today’s blog celebrates the career of W.C. Handy. Born in Florence, Alabama on November 16, 1873, William Christopher Handy became interested in music at an early age.

What meter is Backwater Blues?

Backwater Blues by Bessie Smith is in the key of C Major. It should be played at a tempo of 92 BPM. This track was released in 1927.

What is Bessie Smith singing about in St Louis Blues?

The great Studs Terkel, a beloved Chicago radio DJ, writer, and man-about-town, described Bessie Smith’s voice and music in glowing terms: “She sang of the life about her, of the hard lot of her people.

What type of phrasing is an essential element of the style of blues music?

The key aspect that drives blues phrasing is the call and response lyric structure, which often consists of three distinct lyric phrases.

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