Readers ask: What Is Deacon Blues About?

What happened Deacon Blue?

Though Graeme Kelling died from pancreatic cancer in 2004, the band has continued and 2006 saw Deacon Blue returning to the studio to record three new tracks for a Singles album – including the track “Bigger than Dynamite”.

Deacon Blue
Associated acts McIntoshRoss Ricky Ross
Website www.


Who played saxophone Deacon Blues?

Pete Christlieb
Born February 16, 1945 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Saxophone

Are Deacon Blue still married?

Personal life. McIntosh is married to Deacon Blue lead singer Ricky Ross and they have four children.

Where do Deacon Blue live?

Bassist Ewen Vernal lives in Troon with his wife and seven year-old daughter. Since Deacon Blue split he’s worked with Hue and Cry, Horse and Fish.

Did Deacon Blue have a number 1?

Deacon Blue are a Scottish pop rock band formed in Glasgow during 1985. Deacon Blue have had 12 UK Top 40 singles and two UK Number 1 albums: When The World Knows Your Name in 1989 and the compilation Our Town in 1994.

Is Dougie Vipond still in Deacon Blue?

Vipond was one of the founding members of pop band Deacon Blue along with Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh. He remains an active recording and touring member of the group alongside his broadcasting career.

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Who plays saxophone on Aja?

The eight-minute-long title track features a jazz-based chord progression and a solo by saxophonist Wayne Shorter.

What means Deacon?

: a subordinate officer in a Christian church: such as. a: a Roman Catholic, Anglican, or Eastern Orthodox cleric ranking next below a priest. b: one of the laymen elected by a church with congregational polity to serve in worship, in pastoral care, and on administrative committees.

Did the Housemartins become beautiful South?

The Housemartins broke up in 1988, just before they fully broke into the mainstream. The group’s lead songwriter, Paul Heaton, formed the Beautiful South the following year, and his new band capitalized on the success of the Housemartins to become one of the more popular U.K. groups of the early ’90s.

How did Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh meet?

In 1982, McIntosh resolved to become a teacher instead, moved to Glasgow to study and busked part time on Argyle Street. When she met hopeful pop star Rikki Ross she joined his band. Some years later, the chance to act presented itself in the form of director Ken Loach, who offered her a lead role in My Name Is Joe.

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