Readers ask: What Is Monday Morning Blues?

Why do we say Monday blues?

Sometimes, the Monday blues can be a sign that you ‘re just not crazy about your job or line of work, says Ely. “If you don’t like what you do and are going through mundane motions Monday through Friday, of course Monday hangs over your head all weekend like a wet blanket,” she says.

How do you beat Monday morning blues?

How to beat Monday blues

  1. Don’t live for the weekends.
  2. Treat Sunday as a day of rest.
  3. Don’t sleep in.
  4. Plan ahead Sunday night.
  5. Hit the hay early on Sunday…
  6. And wake up early on Monday.
  7. Generate good vibes — through music and otherwise.
  8. Hit the (early-bird) gym.

Why do I feel so bad on Mondays?

“The most common reason people find Mondays so difficult is that it follows two days of freedom and enjoyment,” Hafeez said. “Even if weekends are still a busy time, there are plenty of moments (e.g. waking up later, going out for lunch) to relax. There are social and cultural reasons to dislike Monday as well.

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What is the meaning of Mid Day Blues?

Research says it probably isn’t. The afternoon slump is a real, biological phenomenon that affects all of us – and, in fact, is a sign that your circadian rhythm (biological clock) is running smoothly. Most of us resort to caffeine to treat the midday blues only to feel worse later when its effects wear off.

How can we avoid Monday blues?

Tips for avoiding the Monday Blues

  1. Finish your Monday morning tasks on Friday.
  2. Encourage a work/life balance.
  3. Do what makes you happy.
  4. Get enough sleep.
  5. Have a Monday evening plan.
  6. Start a Monday morning ritual.
  7. Avoid meetings.
  8. Meet with employees about their work.

Is Monday morning blues an idiom?

Explanation: Monday morning blues and Morning blues are two different situations but the word ‘ blues ‘ mean the same. Blue refers to the lack of joy, laziness, tiredness, stress, etc. Never confuse yourself with ‘ Monday Morning Blues ‘ and ‘ Morning Blues ‘ as there are a lot of differences between the two idioms.

What is the opposite of Monday blues?

There are no categorical antonyms for this term. Monday blues typically refers to a feeling of the sadness or lack of motivation taking place on Monday i.e. the first day of the typical working week. Here’s a list of antonyms for blues. What is the opposite of Monday blues?

bliss blissfulness
profit favorUS


How do you wish Monday morning?

I wish this great Monday morning brings you hopes and courage to face the problems in your life. I hope you have a fabulous day ahead and you emerge victorious at the end of the day! Mondays are great to greet a new week full of optimism. And I bet you have never had a beautiful Monday morning than this one today.

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How do I get rid of Monday morning anxiety?

Six Ways to Overcome Monday Morning Anxiety

  1. Take Advantage of the Weekend. Weekends are great, for many reasons.
  2. Start Week Refreshed.
  3. Remember Your Purpose.
  4. Think About your Future.
  5. Make Some Changes.
  6. Maybe It’s Time To Do Something Else.

Why do I feel sick every Monday morning?

Morning nausea can also be caused by your diet. For example, eating a big meal right before bed might cause acid reflux. It could also be a sign your blood sugar is low. So Jodorkovsky recommends eating something, even if you don’t feel like it.

Is Monday anxiety normal?

In pop culture, the Sunday Scaries has become the prelude to the “case of the Mondays.” It’s normal to have some anxiety about the upcoming workweek, after all, juggling a career, a personal life and other responsibilities can be overwhelming.

What blues means?

: a feeling of sadness or depression.: a style of music that was created by African-Americans in the southern U.S. and that often expresses feelings of sadness. blues.

What does morning bliss mean?

If you’re blissful, you’re happy and at peace. You can never have too many blissful moments. If you’re feeling blissful, then you’re lucky. This is a word for total contentment and major happiness, along with a kind of Zen-like peace. A blissful moment is full of joy and relaxation.

What is the 3 o’clock slump?

There’s one part of the work day that always seems to slow folks down: The 3 p.m. slump. The circadian rhythm dips and rises at different times of the day, and drops significantly during the hours between 2 and 5 p.m., according to The National Sleep Foundation.

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