Readers ask: What Is The Mission Id Number For Dimond City Blues In Fallout 4?

How do I get the diamond city blues quest?

To get this side quest, first visit the Colonial Taphouse bar in Diamond City and witness a bar fight between Paul and Cooke, then leave the bar. You’ll eventually get approached by Paul to help him confront Cooke, this will start the quest.

Can I kill Henry Cooke?

One can also kill him and take everything, but Cooke will become hostile if he is alive and hasn’t moved far enough away.

How do you start the Diamond City Quest?

Detailed walkthrough This quest begins when the Sole Survivor travels to Diamond City after they have completed Political Leanings and have been banished from the Institute, or if this condition is not met, after completing The Nuclear Option and finishing the main storyline.

Is Henry Cooke a synth?

Henry Cooke is the owner and barkeeper of the Colonial Taphouse and an Institute SRB informant for fugitive synths, living in his house in Diamond City’s upper stands in 2287. Often going by his last name, Cooke is also an associate of chem trafficker Marowski.

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Do I kill Trish Fallout 4?

After a fight, the player character may choose to either kill her or persuade her to reveal the location of the secret chem lab. If Henry Cooke is present, he will attempt to kill Trish no matter what actions the player character takes. If Cooke is killed fast enough, and Trish is left alive, she will escape the scene.

How do you know if Mayor Mcdonough is a synth?

One can learn that he is a synth after the completion of the main quest line on the side of anyone but the Institute and traveling to Diamond City, starting the quest In Sheep’s Clothing, by being given the side quest Political Leanings from Justin Ayo, or by reading an SRB terminal within the Institute.

How much is the house in Diamond City?

It is a possible player character home, available for sale in Diamond City for 2000 caps from Geneva in the mayor’s office.

How do I get Travis confident?

Go to the Diamond City Radio station and speak with Travis. Go to Beantown Brewery. Free Vadim and speak with him and Travis. Travis is more confident on Diamond City Radio.

Who is Henry Cooke?

Henry David Cooke (November 23, 1825 – February 24, 1881) was an American financier, journalist, railroad executive, and politician. He was the younger brother of Philadelphia financier Jay Cooke.

Is Piper a synth?

One can call off the operation (failing the quest) or have her perform a traditional replacement op. If you do so, you will find Piper inspecting Fake Piper’s corpse and confirming that she was a synth to DC’s people.

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Can you become mayor of Goodneighbor?

If the Sole Survivor brings Deacon to Goodneighbor, he will change his outfit to appear similar to the mobsters around the town. He then goes on to say that he and some of the other drifters attacked Vic and his gang overnight and that he then became mayor of Goodneighbor.

Can you take over Diamond City?

You are now the most influential person in Diamond City and it is only natural for you to fill the power vacuum the mayor’s death left behind. That’s about it, that’s how you take over Diamond City.

Can I kill Malcom Latimer?

If Malcom is still alive once The Marowski Heist quest has been completed (if one refuses Marowski’s request to kill him), Malcom will be killed by Triggermen soon afterward upon the player character returning to Diamond City. The Triggermen will not be hostile to the player character.

Can I kill Paul Pembroke Fallout 4?

Either the quest can end here, or you can extend it to kill either Marowski or Paul Pembroke. You will need to wait for 24 hours after you killed Nelson, after which his father Malcolm will become aware of what happened. Go talk to him. You can blame Paul Pembroke (if he is still alive) and agree to kill him.

What does MacCready like in Fallout 4?

As a mercenary, MacCready likes it when you ask people for more money for quests, and criminal activity like picking owned locks. Due to his backstory, which we’re not going to spoil for you here, he also likes you helping out children and parents, and throwing in a bit of sarcasm here and there also helps.

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