Readers ask: What Note Is The St Louis Blues Note?

The Blues ‘ bluenote is a 64th note.

What hockey team has a music note?

The “Blue Note ” has represented St. Louis’ NHL team since its inception in 1967, with some alterations along the way. It’s a symbol that stands not just for the team, but the city and region, which is renowned for its history of jazz and blues music.

Why does the NFL logo have 8 stars?

Why are there eight stars on the NFL logo? The NFL logo that we see today contains eight stars after being revamped in 2008. The redesign was somewhat subtle, with the NFL making the shield slightly taller and thinner. The eight stars represent the eight divisions currently used in the NFL.

Why is the Eagles logo facing left?

Philadelphia Eagles Some say the eagle faces left because there’s an ā€œEā€ hidden in his nape, but that has the sound of something best believed after the third hour of tailgating.

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Who has the best logo in the NFL?

Ranking the 10 best NFL logos

  • 02 10. Detroit Lions. 2 / 11.
  • 03 9. Tennessee Titans. 3 / 11.
  • 04 8. Carolina Panthers. 4 / 11.
  • 05 7. New Orleans Saints. 5 / 11.
  • 06 6. Denver Broncos. 6 / 11.
  • 07 5. Buffalo Bills. 7 / 11.
  • 08 4. Philadelphia Eagles. 8 / 11.
  • 09 3. Atlanta Falcons. 9 / 11.

Who has the best logo in the NHL?

NHL logo rankings: 10-1

  1. Hartford Whalers. This logo is so simple yet complex at the same time.
  2. Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings’ classic look is one of the greatest in all of sports.
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs.
  4. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.
  5. Buffalo Sabres.
  6. Quebec Nordiques.
  7. Boston Bruins.
  8. Montreal Canadiens.

Why does Seattle have the Kraken?

The franchise’s promotional materials state that it was adopted to honor the maritime culture of Seattle, as well as in reference to the giant Pacific octopus, the largest species of octopus in the world, which can be found in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

What is Vince Papale doing today?

Previously, Papale was the regional director of marketing and senior account executive for higher-education marketing at Sallie Mae. He resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his wife Janet and two children, Gabriella and Vinny, and remains a diehard Philadelphia Eagles football fan.

Pat Patriot, commonly referred to as “Pat The Patriot,” is the mascot of the New England Patriots, a National Football League (NFL) franchise based in Foxborough, Massachusetts. He is depicted as a soldier of the American Revolution. The logo version of Pat wears a tricorne hat and a Continental Army uniform.

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Who hold the most rushing yards in the NFL?

NFL History – Rushing Leaders

Rushing Leaders
1 Emmitt Smith 18,355
2 Walter Payton 16,726
3 FRANK GORE 16,000


Should a logo face left or right?

When logos point in a particular direction, they nearly always face to the right, appearing to move in that direction. This is no coincidence. Our natural tendency is to scan images from left to right, even when there’s no text in the image.

What NFL teams logo faces left?

There’s a reason the Eagles logo is the only NFL logo that faces left.

What did the old Expos logo mean?

A lowercase “e” and “b” are tucked into the “M.” Officially, the letters stand for Montreal Expos Baseball. A popular theory says that the letters are actually “EJB,” the initials of Elizabeth Bronfman, the daughter of a former Expos owner.

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