Readers ask: Which Is The Phase Inverter Tube In A Fender Blues Junior?

What tubes does a Fender Blues Junior use?

A set of three matched Groove Tubes 12AX7 preamp tubes and two matched Groove Tubes EL84 power tubes, graded according to Fender’s specifications, are used in all factory Blues Juniors.

Does phase inverter tube affect tone?

As mentioned earlier, the phase – inverter (PI) tube doesn’t affect the tone of your guitar signal in a conventional tone -shaping manner, but its gain factor does determine how hard it drives the output stage.

What tubes do Fender amps use?

12AX7 (ECC83) Preamp Tube It is a vital component in a tube amplifier. Virtually every Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Vox, Peavey and other tube amp has at least one, and as many as five, 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Is the Fender Blues Junior A good amp?

It’s an amp that plays great, and gives me the classic Fender sound that I’ve heard on so many classic recordings. It’s built really well and I’m not afraid to push a lot of sound out of it. Also, with such a great price, I don’t have to take out an insurance policy when I take it to a gig.

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Is ECC83 the same as 12AX7?

The ECC83 Valve – also known as the 12AX7. The 12AX7 Valve (or 12AX7 vacuum Tube) is a small preamplifier valve which is identical to the ECC83 – same valve, just a different name. It has two identical triodes both of which have a high voltage gain.

How do you date a fender professional junior?

The first letter refers to the year, and the second letter refers to the month of manufacture. The codes may be interpreted as follows: A stamped code of CE for example, would date the amp to 1992, May. With my Pro Jr the sticker is in the cab on the floor.

Do tubes affect tone?

Bowers: There are some solid-state circuits that do an impressive job for tone, but the reason guitarists gravitate to tube amps is the harmonics. The secondary harmonics of a tube are additive to the harmony of the note, where the secondary harmonics of a solid-state amplifier are dissident to the tone.

What does the phase inverter tube do?

A phase inverter or splitter is the tube that keeps your power tubes ( in a push pull A/B type of amp ) running 180 degrees out of phase. This is necessary because in a push pull amp one tube creates the upper half of the sine wave while the other tube creates the lower half.

What is the difference between 12AX7 and 12AU7?

The biggest difference between these power tubes is the amount of gain they will provide. The 12AX7 has a gain factor of 100, while the 12AT7 has 60. The 12AU7 has the smallest, at just 20. The lower gain of the 12AT7 and 12AU7 also allows them to have a higher headroom, which can provide a warmer and cleaner sound.

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What AMP does John Mayer use?

He is best known for using the Dumble Steel String Singer amp for a number of years. Dumble amps are extremely rare – only 300 of this particular model are known to exist – and are a big part of his signature sound.

What is the cleanest Fender amp?

The Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb is for players that want vintage-style tone. This amp is a superior reproduction of the classic 65 amp. You’ll get amazing clean tones, and good reverb sounds with this amp. It’s the perfect choice for practice as it’s only 15 watts.

What is the most popular Fender amp?

The Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb is an industry staple. When someone says “ Fender amp ”- it’s likely that this is the model most would think of first.

Does Fender Blues Jr take pedals well?

Great Little Amp!! The Fender Blues Junior IV does just that. This amp takes all my pedals real well and the Celestion speaker is a big plus.

Is Fender Blues Junior too loud for home use?

The Blues Jr is too loud to really give up the goods in a bedroom or apartment setting imo. At least, to get the best of the amp. If you’re gonna run pedals in front of it, this becomes a moot point.

Is a Blues Jr worth it?

Blues Jr is a great little amp and a ton of ppl have a lot of experience with them. I know when I went out to specifically get a BJr. I came home with a Traynor YCV-20. I also liked the sound of the Peavey Classic 30, around the same price.

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