Readers ask: Who Sang Go Now Moody Blues?

Are any of the Moody Blues still alive?

Original vocalist and flautist Ray Thomas died on 4 January 2018, at the age of 76, just a few months before the band were due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

What is the meaning of gotta go?

2. “I gotta go ” means “I have got to go ” (more informal) and “I have to go “. Both mean the same. Have (got) to is used to refer to obligations which come from outside the speaker.

Why did Denny Laine leave the Moody Blues?

When Laine left, Wings came to an end as well, and over the years there have been many theories as to why Laine left. “The reason I left was because we couldn’t do another tour. I was frustrated because I wanted to tour Japan and go out and tour the world again.”

Why did Pinder leave Moody Blues?

He left the group following the recording of the band’s ninth album Octave in 1978. He is especially noted for his technological contribution to music. In 2018, Pinder was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Moody Blues.

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What was the Moody Blues first hit song?

The Magnificent Moodies | 1965 When they started out, the Moody Blues were an R&B band fronted by Denny Laine, who sang the band’s first hit, “Go Now.” Laine quit the band in 1966, later surfacing as a key member of Paul McCartney and Wings, who performed “Go Now” throughout the Seventies.

Who were the original members of Moody Blues?

In 1964, after El Riot split, Thomas and keyboardist Mike Pinder formed the Moody Blues alongside drummer Graeme Edge, bassist Clint Warwick and guitarist Denny Laine.

What is a GG girl?

In the LGBT community, GG is used with the meaning “Genetic Girl ” to refer to a cisgender woman (as opposed to a trans gender woman or one who cross dresses.

What is the meaning of garter?

A garter is an article of clothing comprising a narrow band of fabric fastened about the leg to keep up stockings.

What does wanna mean?

—used for “want to” in informal speech and in representations of such speech ” What do you wanna do today?””I really wanna go to the concert.”

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