Readers ask: Who Wrote Bell Bottom Blues?

When was Bell Bottom Blues written?

” Bell Bottom Blues ” is a song written by Eric Clapton and Bobby Whitlock, and performed by Derek and the Dominos. Bell Bottom Blues (Derek and the Dominos song)

” Bell Bottom Blues “
Released 1971
Recorded 2 September 1970, Criteria Studios, Miami
Genre Blues rock
Length 5:01 3:10 (single version)


When was the song Bellbottoms made?

” Bell Bottom Blues” is a song written by Eric Clapton and released by Derek And The Dominos in 1971. It deals with unrequited love and appears on the album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

Why did Patti Boyd leave Eric Clapton?

Boyd left Clapton in April 1987 and divorced him in 1989. Her stated reasons were Clapton’s years of alcoholism, as well as his numerous affairs, including one with Italian actress Lory Del Santo. In 1989, her divorce was granted on the grounds of “infidelity and unreasonable behaviour”.

Who wrote the song keep on growing?

Bobby Whitlock Eric Clapton Keep On Growing / Songfacts®: Eric Clapton wrote this with Bobby Whitlock, who played several instruments on the album. Whitlock told Songfacts: “‘Keep On Growing’ was a jam. We had one called ‘Airport Shuffle.

Who is Layla written about?

The two had met in the late 1960s, when Boyd was married to Clapton’s close friend, George Harrison. Clapton fell in love with Boyd, but at the time, she wouldn’t leave Harrison to be with him. Clapton penned the song ” Layla ” about his feelings for Boyd.

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Where does Eric Clapton live now?

Eric Clapton lives in Ewhurst, United Kingdom, in an Italian-style villa called “Hurtwood Edge”. He also owns real estate in California, Antigua, and previously, Ohio.

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